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HIV Aids – Symptoms, Causes, Remedy, and Facts


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You must know about HIV AIDS. And you must also know that unprotected physical relationships can lead to this disease. Not only this, due to exposure of bodily fluids of the victim, you can also fall prey to this serious disease. You will not even know that these 7 symptoms that can be seen in your body can be of AIDS.

How does Aids happen

  1. Unprotected sex with the victim.
  2. From contaminated blood.
  3. With unleashed vaccines and needles.
  4. A child born in the womb of the victim’s mother.
  5. Homosexual relationship.

What are the Symptoms of AIDS

  1. Weight loss to a great extent.
  2. To keep coming
  3. Frequent fever.
  4. Swelling in the nerves.
  5. Thin diarrhea for more than a week.
  6. Scars on the body. (Fungal Infection)
  7. Night sweats.
  8. Pink spots on the skin.
  9. Mental restriction and memory impairment.
  10. Body pain etc.

How many days does AIDS occur ?

After the AIDS virus enters the body, a person can get AIDS within ten years. This time sits on every man according to his health and age. If I ever made a mistake by mistake, when should I check for AIDS?

If you feel that you have become a victim of AIDS, then check your blood after 2 to 3 months from the day of sex and if your report comes negative then check it again after 6 months. If the report then comes negative then do not take tension because you are absolutely healthy.

In how many days do the symptoms of HIV show up?

When you get HIV AIDS, symptoms start appearing in 30 to 45 days. Such as persistent coughing from the throat, fever etc.

You have to understand that when we get HIV virus first, it takes time for us to suffer from AIDS disease. As we have mentioned above, this time can vary from person to person according to his health and age.

When you suffer from AIDS disease, it weakens your body’s immune system and you start showing signs of HIV AIDS.

How to Avoid Aids

  1. Do not have sex with the victim partner.
  2. Check before blood transfusion and
  3. Do not use used needles and vaccines again.

Facts of Aids

1. World AIDS Day is observed on 1 December. It was first celebrated on 1 December 1988. The international symbol of HIV Aids is the red ribbon which was adopted in 1991.

2. Aids are composed of four words. That is – Acquired = what you have attained, Immuno = body immunity, Deficiency = deficiency and Syndrome = fusion. This means disease that reduces your body’s power to protect itself.

3. HIV means – Human = Human, Immuno deficiency = which reduces immunity and Virus = virus. That is, the virus which reduces the power to protect it inside a body.

4. 7 crore people in the world have suffered from AIDS, of which 30 million people have died due to this.

5. At present, about 40 million people in the world suffer from AIDS. Of these, 2 crore 10 lakh are those who are below 15 years.

6. HIV virus emerged in Africa and spread to the entire world within 10 years.

7. 65% of AIDS cases in the world are in the Sahara region of Africa. 90% of these are children.

8. In Swaziland (Africa) country a 15 year old boy was 28% likely to live 50 years and a girl 20%. Before AIDS it was 92% and 97% respectively.

9. According to an estimate, about 25 lakh people were affected by AIDS in 2011 of which 17 lakh have died.

10. Over 11 lakh people in the US suffer from HIV and 18.1% of them do not even know that they have the disease.

11 To 21 Amazing Facts of Aids

11. HIV virus can survive for 10-15 days in dry blood even at room temperature (25 ° C). Like in a vaccine using a needle.

12. HIV virus is killed when the temperature is above 60 degrees Celsius.

13. HIV, like other viruses, cannot survive in sea water for long.

14. Every day around 900 children in the world are affected by HIV Aids virus.

15. Two types of HIV Aids virus have been reported so far. HIV-1 (from the chimpanzee species) and HIV-2 (from the mangebi monkey species). HIV-1 spreads easily and is more dangerous while HIV-2 does not spread easily. There are more HIV-1 victims in the world than HIV-2. HIV-2 is restricted to West Africa only.

16. The simplest theory related to HIV is called ‘Hunter Theory’. According to this, in the 1930s, in Africa, a person was bitten by a monkey suffering, he ate the monkey’s mass, causing HIV. After this it spread due to sex relations.

17. HIV Aids are most commonly spread due to sex relationships. After this, the child born in the womb is from the mother, then by sharing the drugs with others, and then with the contaminated blood and contaminated goods used in health care such as vaccines and needles.

18. Southern Africa has the highest number of 5.9 million HIV victims.

19. In Botswana (a neighboring country north of Southern Africa), the average life span of people has declined from 65 years to 35 years due to AIDS.

20. AIDS is by far the most researched disease.

21. There are 2.8% Call Girls in India who are suffering from AIDS. Most of the time girls do not use safe methods (condoms etc.) while doing sex with girls.

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