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24 Interesting Facts Related to Newborn Baby

Facts Related to Newborn Baby

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1. Number of bones in a newborn baby is up to 300, by the time they become old, many bones are found together and their number remains 206.

2. Most babies born prematurely are left-handed.

3. The newborn has the same amount of blood as one cup.

4. The amount of bacteria in a newborn is zero. The amount of bacteria in an adult is as high as billions and trillions.

5. Newborns see everything black and white for a few months.

6. Scientists believe that children do not have dreams for two to three years from birth.

7. In China, a child is born with a congenital defect in every 40 seconds.

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8. More than half of the photographs taken between 1838 and 1960 were of newborns.

9. A woman from Michigan in America has given birth to three children and the birth dates of all three are 8/8/8, 9/9/9 and 10/10/10.

10. One child out of every 5 thousand is born with closed anus.

11. The brain of young children uses 50 percent of the whole body glucose, which is why young children sleep longer.

12. There is a symbolism in Japan called ‘Crying Sumo’ in which he wins the Sumo which makes the child cry without killing him.

Facts Related to Newborn Baby

13. If a crying baby wants to calm down, then listen to it a good song, this method often works.

14. Kissing more on the ears of a child can make him deaf.

15. Newborns cannot feel the taste of salt for 4 months, this is because by this time their kidneys would not have fully developed. The kidneys administer sodium only, which is the reason for the taste of salt.

16. The inner part of the ear is the only part of the body that develops completely during pregnancy before birth.

17. Adult can taste only with the tongue, but newborn children can feel taste from every side of the mouth except the tongue.

18. A newborn baby is inseminated once every 20 minutes for a few weeks while almost once every hour until he is 6 months old.

19. If a child has a full stomach, and is given to eat more, he does not say to shake his head from right to left. Scientists believe that the habit of saying no to nodding in humans has originated from here.

20. Children born in the month of May often weigh 200 grams more than children born in the remaining months.

Facts Related to Newborn Baby

21. 4 out of 100 nipples of 5 newborns have little milk coming out of any gender irrespective of their gender. The reason for this is that the mother’s hormones perish during the pregnancy period.

22. The head of a newborn is one-fourth of the entire body. On attaining majority, the head remains only one-eighth of the entire body.

23. The baby’s heartbeat at birth is 180 times per minute. After some time after birth, it is 140 times per minute and when it is one year it becomes 115 times per minute. The average heart rate of adults is 72 times per minute.

24. Children can breathe and eat at the same time till the age of seven months, while older ones cannot do so.

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