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27 Interesting Facts Related to Sex

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Many types of surveys are done about sex, the results of which are quite interesting. The purpose of such surveys is to increase the knowledge of the subject in terms of health. Some interesting facts found in these surveys are as follows –

Facts Related to Sex

1. The semen that comes out in a one-time Mathun contains 30 to 45 crore sperm.

2. Semen is kept in a semen bank at a temperature of -196.9 degrees Celsius.

3. Having sex reduces headaches as well as tension.

4. Around 25 percent of men are thinking about sex at the present time.

5. During the peak phase of sexual activity, the heartbeat of both men and women reaches 140 per minute.

6. Women work on average 3000 times (sex) till the age of 45 years.

7. The penis of men up to the age of 40 years becomes erected (standing) in just 10 seconds.

8. Greek couples have sex on average 138 times in a year, while Japanese couples have only 45 times at least.

9. The speed of semen from the penis of the man is 36.9 kilometers per hour, which is enough to break the 100 meters record of Usain Bolt.

10. An adult man’s testicles contain so much sperm that they can be spread up to 404 meters.

11. According to a survey, 60 percent of men want women to take initiative for work. If a woman does this to her husband, he is very happy.

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12. A small capsule can contain so many sperm that can make more population than the existing humans on the present earth.

13. During sexual intercourse, the inner part of the nose also swells in addition to the breast and sex of women.

14. During sex, the beard of a man grows faster than normal.

15. Once consumed, a person consumes 100 calories.

16. According to a survey, young young women of Brazil lose their virginity earlier than any country. But India is behind in this matter.

17. Women are the first to reject men who drink excess alcohol.

18. Men sweat more than women during sex. The body structure of women has the property of controlling sweat coming out of the body.

19. 30 percent of men are victims of early collapse.

20. 83 percent of women are completely satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis.

Facts Related to Sex

21. Men extract 17 liters of semen on an average during their lifetime.

22. About 75 percent of men have ejaculation in less than 3 minutes.

23. About 100 crore people have sex in a day.

24. Sex is the best medicine for good sleep. It is 10 times more effective than other sleeping medications. Women who study romantic Navel can enjoy work more than women who do not study Navel.

25. If you have less interest in sex, then do a workout or an exercise, your sexual desire will awaken again.

26. There is a misconception in most of the girls that there is pain while having sex for the first time, that is why they are always afraid of sex. But if they replace someone with love and romance or just say that after emotional attachment, there is no such complaint in sex done without any fear.

27. Disease resistance of people working two or three times a week increases.

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