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17 Interesting Facts Related to Nails

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Facts Related to Nails

1. Hand nails grow up to four times faster than foot nails.

2. The nails of the feet are about 2 times thicker than the nails of the hands.

3. The nails of the feet grow as much as one-tenth of an inch on average in a month.

4. Our middle finger ie the largest finger nail grows the fastest.

5. The thumb nail grows the fastest.

6. They grow faster due to continuous nail biting, but if the nails are not cut regularly they grow less quickly.

7. Nails of men grow faster than women.

8. In hot weather nails grow more quickly than in cold.

9. Nails grow more quickly during the day than raote.

10. Nails of youngsters grow more quickly than those of the elderly.

Facts Related to Nails

11. According to Guinness World Records, the longest nails are of a woman named ‘Lee Redmond’ who has not cut her nails since 1979. All his nails are over 28 feet in length.

12. Hair and nails are made up of the same type of protein keratin. The horns of animals are also of this substance.

13. If you are right handed, your right hand nails will grow faster than the left one and if you are left handed then the left hand nails will grow faster than the right one.

14. Typing on the keyboard is like giving nails a massage which speeds up the growth of the nails. (Then I say, why do my nails grow fast?)

15. The doctor can assess your health by looking at your nails.

16. A white scar on the nails, pinkness or streaks on some end means that some serious disease is developing in the body. If there is any problem in the liver, lungs and heart health, then its evidence can be found with the nails.

17. Dry nails can be found by drinking more water.

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