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12 Interesting Facts Related to Lips

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Eating, speaking, kissing and laughing… all these things are accomplished with the help of our lips. While lips enhance our beauty, the personality of someone is also known by his lips. Here are some interesting and interesting facts related to lips, which you may have never heard before!

Facts Related to Lips

1. Our lips dry quickly because there are no sweat glands around them.

2. Like our fingerprints, the markings of our lips are also different.

3. Except the lips, the entire skin of our body is made up of 16 different layers. There are only 3-4 layers on the lips, due to which the blood vessels below them are more visible and our lips look reddish-pink.

4. As we age, the thickness of our lips starts to decrease.

5. There is a layer around the upper lip called orbicularis oris. It is because of this layer that we can whistle with our lips.

6. Crocodiles do not have lips.

7. The drain of two lines on the lips just below your nose is called ‘Philtrum’ in English.

8. If the lips of women are red, thin smooth, of good shape, then such women are sexy by nature and will get love of husband.

9. There are many cultures in the world where it is necessary to keep women’s lips covered. This is because they believe that looking at the lips arouses lust in men.

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10. Like other parts of the body, lips can also be paralyzed.

11. Lips are the only part of the body which if formed, is made inside the body, but their spread is outside.

12. The color of lips increases by drinking tomato juice. Tomato juice can also be applied on the lips to get pink lips.

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