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55 Interesting Facts Related to Brain

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1 To 10 Amazing Facts of Human Brain

1. When you are awake, your brain emits 10 to 23 watts of power, which can also power an electric bulb.

2. There is no vein of pain in the mind of man, so he does not feel any pain.

3. Our brain is made up of more than 75% water.

4. Your brain grows 95% by the age of 5, and by reaching 18 it develops 100% and stops growing after that.

5. Half of our brain can be removed by surgery, and this will not affect our memories either.

6. You can increase the count of neuronase in your brain by performing brain activities. Because any part of the body that we use more, it gets further developed.

7. Children’s brain development is more by reading and speaking.

8. When you look closely at a man’s face, you use the right part of your brain.

9. Information from different parts of our body reaches our brain through different speed and different neuron. Not all neurons are the same. There are many Newrans who transmit information to the brain with a speed of 0.5 meters per second, and there are many who deliver information to the brain with a speed of 120 meters per second.

10. The right side of your brain controls the left side of your body, while the left side of the brain controls the right side of your body.

11 To 20 Amazing Facts of Human Brain

11. Children who learn two languages ​​before they turn five, their brain structure changes a bit.

12. An average of 60,000 thoughts come to your mind every day.

13. It is often said that we blink pulp 20,000 times a day and because of this we remain blind for 30 minutes a day. But this is not true. Actually, we do blink 20,000 times a day, but do not remain blind for 30 minutes. Because our brain automatically maintains the picture of the object in such a short time. Our eyelid blink time is less than the 16th part of 1 second, but the brain can maintain the image of any object up to 16 seconds.

14. About 5 parts of our brain work together while laughing.

15. Size and weight of the brain have no effect on brain power. Albert Einstein’s brain weighed 1230 grams, which was equal to that of a normal human being.

16. A living human mind is very soft and can be easily cut with a knife.

17. There are 100,000 miles long blood vessels in the brain.

18. It can remain even if the brain does not get oxygen for 4 to 6 minutes. But brain damage is not confirmed if you do not get it for 5 to 10 minutes.

19. Man’s brain weighs up to 1500 grams.

20. There are 100 billion (as many stars in a galaxy) numbered in our brain, and there are between 1,000 and 10,000 synopses in each neuron.

21 To 30 Amazing Facts of Human Brain

21. Scientists believe that the most complex and mysterious thing in the universe is the human mind.

22. There are 1 lakh chemical reactions in one second inside the human brain.

23. 60% of our brain is fat. Therefore, it is the most fat part of the body.

24. Every object (information) is stored in the brain. Technically, the brain has the ability to store every object (information) such as experience, observation, reading, listening etc. Since birth, everything is stored in it, nothing is left out. It is a different matter that human beings do not have the ability to access any of the many things (information) that they hold in their own brain i.e. to remember many events.

25. The brain is about 2% of the body. But it consumes 20% of total oxygen and blood also uses 20%.

26. When a man is two years old, Brains cells are counted more than any other time in his mind.

27. The earliest mention of the mind dates back to Sumer 6000 years ago.

28. Research has shown that men and women have different brains.

29. If our brain cells change like our skin and hair, then we can lose our memory.

30. Human beings grow more at night than day. It is caused by a small part of the brain, the pituitary gland, which releases a growing hormone at bedtime.

31 To 40 Amazing Facts of Human Brain

31. By far the heaviest mind in terms of weight was that of a Russian writer Ivan turgenew. His brain weighed about 2.5 kg and died in 1883.

32. 40% color in the brain is gray and 60% color is white. The gray part consists of neurons which act as communication.

33. Our brain keeps growing till the age of 40 years. After this it starts to dry.

34. If the shape of the body is kept in mind, then the mind of man is bigger than all systems. The size of an elephant’s brain is only 0.15% of that of its body, whereas that of humans is 2 percent.

35. Human brain reacts faster than computer.

36. Your subconscious mind (mind) is 30,000 times stronger than your conscious mind.

37. The left side of the human mind controls the speech and the left side of the mind of the bird controls their Twitter.

38. The brain becomes active within about 7-8 minutes of drinking alcohol and we start getting intoxicated.

39. Brain (mind) and mind (mind) are two different things. Science has not yet ascertained which part of the mind is in the brain.

40. If amygdala (cerebrospinal) is removed from the brain, then the fear of human being will end forever.

41 To 50 Amazing Facts of Human Brain

41. The things that use 10% of the brain are also not true, but all parts of the brain have different functions.

42. If you had drunk alcohol the previous night and now you do not remember anything, it does not mean that you have forgotten all this, but after drinking too much alcohol, the man does not remember anything new.

43. 60,000 thoughts come to our mind in a day and 70% of these thoughts are negative.

44. The memory of our brain is unlimited. Like the computer and your Smartphone, it will never say that the memory is full.

45. When we reject or reject someone, our brain feels exactly the same as when hurt.

46. ​​In the house where there is more fighting, the minds of the children of that house have exactly the same effect as the soldiers of war.

47. T.V. The brain is rarely used in the viewing process and therefore the brain of children does not develop quickly. Children’s brain develops more than reading stories and listening because children are more imaginative than reading books.

48. New wrinkles continue to develop in the brain due to learning something or the other and this wrinkle is the right measure of IQ.

49. If you work long hours on your smartphone, then there is an increased risk of getting a tumor in your brain.

50. From the age of 24, your brain starts slowing down. But according to age, your mind becomes mature and acquires new technologies and abilities. Not only this, at any age, your mind is ready to adopt new things.

51 To 55 Amazing Facts of Human Brain

51. Our brain performs many functions. The brain controls the actions of many internal organs of our body, including our thoughts, memory, movements of hands and feet.

52. Why is the brain so important? Because it controls and coordinates the actions and reactions of our body, makes us think and feel, makes us worth remembering things, etc. – things that make us a living being and a best living being, “man” Huh.

53. The brain can be harmed due to lack of oxygen, space, infection and neurological disease.

54. The term neurologist is used for the doctor of the mind. A neurologist treats problems that are related to the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.

55. The occipital lobes of the brain control our vision. The occipital lobes are in the back of our brain.

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