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27 Interesting Facts Related to Bones

Facts Related to Bones

1. The skeleton of a human at birth is made up of about 300 bones. By the time they reach the age of 18, many bones are mixed together and the number of bones is 206.

2. Bones continue to grow until the age of 20 years. At the age of 30, our atomic weight and density are the highest.

3. The sectional skeleton (Appendicular Skeletal) consists of 126 bones. This part helps the body to move and works to protect some organs.

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4. Our axial Skeleton Part consists of 80 bones. This part maintains balance between upper and lower part of our body.

5. The bones help the body to move (move), support and protect various body parts. In addition, it also works to produce red and white blood cells and to store mineral salts.

6. The longest bone in the body is the thigh bone. Femur does this in English. The bone of the thigh is so powerful that it can withstand 7800 forts on every cubic inch.

7. The smallest bone in the body is inside the ear which is called Stapes in English. The length of the stapes is only 2.8 millimeters.

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8. Like our skin, our bones continue to be rebuilt. In 7 years, every part of your bone is completely replaced.

9. There are 54 bones in the hands, fingers and wrists in total.

10. Teeth are only part of our bone skeleton but they are not counted in bones.

11. There is a slight difference between the bones of women and men. The skeleton of women is usually a little smaller and the bones of the pelvis are somewhat open to help with the birth of the baby.

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12. The outer layer of most bones is dense and strong. After the outer layer, there is a small space filled with air for lightness and then a soft, flexible, tissue substance called Bone Marrow (bone marrow) inside.

13. Bone Marrow accounts for 4% of the total weight of our body. It makes red blood cells which carry oxygen throughout our body. Bone also produces Marrow Lymphocytes (Lymphocytes) which is the main component of Lymphatic System. The lymphatic system strengthens our body’s immune system.

14. Calcium is very important for our bones. It keeps our bones strong and healthy.

15. Where our strikes are found, they are called joints. There is not a single joint in our skull while the joints of our hips are capable of doing many kinds of movements.

Facts Related to Bones

16. Muscles and tissues work to connect our two bones.

17. At the time of birth, only our ear bone is fully enlarged.

18. Bones account for 14% of our body weight.

19. Both humans and giraffes have 7 bones around their neck.

20. There is only one bone in the whole body without joint. This bone is found in the throat.

21. The current we feel when hitting something with our elbows is actually born not because of bone but because of nerve.

22. People often have the most broken bones in their hand.

23. All the bones of our body are divided into 5 classes according to their shape – long, short, flat, irregular and mole shaped.

24. The mouth from which we eat, it is made up of 14 bones.

25. If you have broken a bone, it may take up to 12 weeks to heal.

26. Bones and teeth are found in 99% of the calcium in the human body.

27. The pain caused to a mother while giving birth to a child is equivalent to breaking 20 bones simultaneously.

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