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26 Interesting Facts Related to Albert Einstein

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Facts Related to Albert Einstein

1. When Einstein was born, his head was very big and he did not even start speaking until he was 4 years old. But one day when 4-year-old Einstein was sitting at dinner with his parents, he broke his four-year silence and said – ‘Shoop is very hot’. Einstein’s parents were shocked when their son spoke in this manner four years later.

2. Einstein did not like to wear socks while traveling by sea and playing violin.

3. When Einstein was working at Princeton University, one day while returning home from the university, he forgot his home address. Although most people in Princeton knew Einstein, the driver of the texy in which they were sitting did not recognize him. Einstein said to the driver, “Do you know Einstein’s address?” The driver replied, “Who wouldn’t know his address in Princeton?” If you want to meet them, I can take you to their home. ” Einstein then tells the driver that he is Einstein himself and has forgotten his home address. Knowing this, the driver took them to his house and despite Einstein’s repeated requests, he did not even take the hiring cost of texy.

4. Einstein once said – “As a child, my toe used to pierce my socks so I stopped wearing socks”.

5. California Institute of Technology invited Albert Einstein to a ceremony. Einstein went to attend the event with his wife. He also visited the space observatory at Mount Wilson. The world’s largest space telescope was built in that observatory at that time. After seeing such a large telescope, Mrs. Einstein asked the in-charge of the observatory – “What do you see with such a large telescope?” The in-charge felt that Mrs. Einstein’s astronomical knowledge was somewhat less. He boldly replied – “With this we discover the secrets of the universe.” “Very strange. My husband does all this only on the envelopes of letters he received ”- said Mrs. Einstein.

Facts Related to Albert Einstein

6. Einstein had to leave Germany and take refuge in America due to personal activities. He was invited by large universities to give him the position of Principal, but Einstein chose Princeton University because of its quiet intellectual environment. Upon arriving at Princeton for the first time, the administrative officer there told Einstein – “You must list the equipment required for use so that they can be made available for your work soon.” Einstein said effortlessly – “You are the only one Give the blackboard, some chalk, paper and pencil. ” The officer was shocked to hear this. Before he could say anything else, Einstein said – “And also ask for a big basket because I also make a lot of mistakes while doing my work and the small basket gets filled with waste very quickly.”

7. When people asked Einstein about his laboratory, he only smiled by pointing to his head. When a scientist asked him about his favorite device, Einstein showed him his fountain pen. His mind was his laboratory and the fountain pen his instrument.

8. Einstein’s memory was not very good. He had problems remembering Dates and Phone numbers. Even he could not remember his own number.

9. Einstein loved to drink cigars. So much that once he fell into the river during boating and got out, he was completely wet but even during this time he kept his pipe safe from great protection. He was a member of the Montreal Smokers Club. He once said, drinking cigars helps a lot in reaching the right results and staying calm in worldly or practical matters.

10. Einstein’s birthday is celebrated all over the world on March 14 as ‘Genius Day’.

Facts Related to Albert Einstein

11. Einstein slept for 10 hours at night to do more work.

12. He was a very unfit musician. Charlie Chaplin’s biography mentions Einstein’s love of music at one point. He used to play violin in his kitchen, listen to Mozart’s music in his spare time, that is, he had a heartfelt love for music and always had a violin from childhood to old age. But his knowledge of music was so low that at times he even played in the midst of the ruckus, playing impassioned music with confidence and looked to the people to give him shingles. Others laugh, but his wife always cheers him.

13. A colleague of Einstein asked him his telephone number. Einstein began searching for his number in the telephone directory held nearby. The colleague said in surprise – “You don’t even remember your own telephone number?” “No” – Einstein said – “Why should I remember anything that I find by searching in a book”. Einstein used to say that he does not remember anything that can be found in two minutes. .

14. The memory of the great scientist was very poor. He often forgot many things in the practical world. For example, children’s birth day or any special day. Once even forgot his girlfriend’s birthday. The next day he wrote a letter apologizing for it. It wrote – Sweetheart, first accept my congratulations for your passed birthday… which was yesterday and once again I forgot it.

15. Once Einstein’s mathematics professor had even called him ‘Lazy dog’ because Einstein was very weak in studies.

Facts Related to Albert Einstein

16. Einstein’s interest in science arose when he was five years old and his father brought him a Compass.

17. By the way, all the discoveries of Einstein are famous. But his most famous was when he published a paper on Punj-Urja Equal (E = mc2). This means that if the unit mass is multiplied with the square of the speed of light, then it gets the same energy. Inspired by this, new scientists started research on the proof bomb. But Einstein was against this wrong experiment throughout his life.

18. Once Einstein was expelled from school due to his strange behavior and at the age of 17, he failed in all subjects except mathematics and science in all exams of college entrance.

19. The upper picture was taken when Einstein was coming to the party in 1941, and a photographer urged him to smile and snap a photo. Einstein, who was already tired, took out his tongue and gave his photo. The photographer captured this memorable moment.

20. In 1952, the US offered Einstein to become the President of Israel, but Einstein turned down the offer, saying that he did not make it to politics. The reason for this is that Einstein was a Yiddish and Israel a Yiddish country.

21. One day Albert Einstein was going to give a speech, on the way his driver said that I have heard your speech so many times that I can give your speech in front of people. Einstein took the driver’s dress by saying ‘OK today you give a speech’ and gave his place to the driver.

Facts Related to Albert Einstein

In the speech hall, the driver literally gave a smoke speech like Einstein. After the speech, when people started asking questions, the driver gave the answers with full confidence. But someone asked such a difficult question that the driver did not know the answer. The driver said, “Hey, the answer to this question is so simple that my driver will tell.” Saying this, he put Einstein in a drive-like costume and stood up to answer.

22. Once Einstein was traveling by train to go somewhere from Princeton. When the ticket checker came to them, they started frantically searching for their tickets. He checked his suitcase if he did not find a ticket in his pocket. There too, after finding the ticket missing, he started searching around his seat. Seeing this, Checker said that if the ticket is lost, then it does not matter, he recognizes them well and he is confident that the ticket must have been purchased. He saw Einstein looking for tickets under his seat. Then the checker again told them not to bother about tickets, they would not be asked for tickets. Hearing the talk of the checker, Einstein said, “But without tickets, how do I know where I am going?”

23. Albert Einstein has 1 long list of stories of love. 20 years after his death, his step daughter published 1500 letters in which about 6 of his love affairs were revealed. He used to write the latest condition of their love affairs in letters to his daughter. However, many experts say that he has been in more than 20 love affairs. He also had a girlfriend, famous actress Marilyn Monroe. Einstein’s popularity and his scholarly discussions attracted women to him. Once, Germany’s 1 socialite, whom she called M, met her and drowned in love. He bombarded Einstein with a gift. They lived together in Germany for some time and then Einstein moved to London. She followed them to London. After that Einstein went to America. She also reached there. He also had a similar Russian girlfriend, whom he called a detective. He also traveled around half the world behind Einstein.

Facts Related to Albert Einstein

24. At a function, a woman requested Einstein to explain the theory of relativity. Einstein said: “Madam, once I was walking in the countryside with my blind friend and I told him that I was feeling like drinking milk”. “Milk?” – My friend said – “I understand drinking but what is milk?” “Milk is a white liquid” – I replied.

  • “I know fluid but what is white?”
  • “White – like goose wings”.
  • “I can feel wings, but what is this goose?”
  • “A bird whose neck is twisted”.
  • “I know neck, but what is this mood?” “Now my patience started answering. I caught his arm and said straightforwardly – “It’s straight!” – Then I folded it and said – “It is folded”.
  • “Oh, is that so!” – The blind friend said – “Now I understand what milk is”.

25. One day a student came to him when he was a professor at Einstein University. He said – “This year’s exam has brought the same questions that came in last year’s exam”.

“Yes” – Einstein said – “But this year the answers have changed”.

26. After Einstein’s death his mind was taken out without the permission of his family. This immoral act was done by Dr.Thomas Harvey to research his mind. In 1975, by the order of his son Hans, he sent 240 samples of his brain to many scientists, after seeing that he found that in his brain, more cells are counted than ordinary humans.

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