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32 Interesting Facts Related to Heart

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The heart is a very important part of our body which cleans our blood and carries it to the rest of the body so that it can function properly and we can enjoy this life.

In this post, we will tell you 32 funny and informative things about our heart, which will increase your heart’s respect in your eyes.

Facts Related to Heart

1. An average person’s heart beats 72 times in a minute, one lakh times a day and 30 million 60 times in a year. This figure reaches 250 crores during the entire lifetime.

2. Our heart starts working when we are 4 weeks old in our mother’s stomach.

3. Your heart pumps 5 and a half liters of blood every minute. In its entire life span, it pumps so much blood that it can fill 100 large swimming bridges.

4. Our heart pumps blood with so much pressure that if it is to pump blood out of the body, the blood will reach a height of 30 meters.

5. The weight of the heart of men is 300 to 350 grams on average while the weight of the heart of women is between 250 and 300 grams.

6. The right side of the heart only supplies blood to the lungs while the left side (left side) to the rest of the body.

7. The first successful heart surgery was in 1893. In 1950, the first successful man-made valve was inserted in a person’s day.

8. If your heart continues to get sufficient amount of oxygen, it will continue to work even if it is separated from the body.

9. 75 lakh crore cells of the body receive blood from the heart, except from the eyes of the eyes.

10. Often we have read and heard that our heart is on the left but it is not so, our heart is in the middle of our chest but it is left and slightly bent.

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11. Stethoscope (stethoscope) was discovered in 1816. Earlier, the doctors used to place his ear with his chest to check the beating of the patient.

Facts Related to Heart

12. Small children have a heart as large as a closed fist. The size of the heart of an adult is the same as the size of the two hands holding each other (as Christians pray).

13. Monday is the day when the maximum number of heart attacks occur. The reason for this is the stress of working after the holiday.

14. Women’s heartbeat is 8 beats per minute more than men’s heartbeat.

15. The sound of ‘thump-thump’ when the heart beats is due to the opening and closing of the 4 valves found in the heart.

16. The number of non-vegetarians who die of heart disease is 19 percent more than vegetarians.

17. Those who smoke beedi-cigarettes have an increased risk of heart attack by 200 to 400 percent.

18. People who work more than 11 hours a day are more likely to get a heart attack by 67 percent than those who work for 8 hours.

19. Having sex three times a week reduces the chance of heart attack by 50 percent.

20. Eating thick chocolate can reduce the chances of heart diseases by one third.

21. Being happy makes your heart less vulnerable to diseases.

22. So far, the lowest beating speed of a person has been recorded 26 times per minute and the highest 480 times per minute.

Facts Related to Heart

23. According to the song you are listening to, your heartbeat also changes.

24. The new-born baby has the fastest heartbeat (70–160 beat / minute) and the slowest heartbeat in old age (30–40 beat / minute).

25. The weight of your heart is 250 to 350 grams, it is 12cm long, 8cm wide and 6cm thick i.e. the size of the fist of your two hands.

26. People who eat vitamin pills are at increased risk of heart disease and cancer.

27. Mummies discovered in ancient Egypt have also been diagnosed with heart disease.

28. The heart of a man who is addicted to cocaine drugs can still beat for 22 minutes after taking it out of the body.

29. Every day your heart produces so much energy that a truck can be driven up to 32 kilometers.

30. Heart attack while having sex is very rare, it is rare that 75% of them have also come when a man was flirting with someone other than his wife.

31. In 1967, for the first time, a person’s heart was inserted into the body of another human being and this person had been alive for 18 days.

32. If we talk about all the creatures found on the ground, including humans, then the size of the dog’s heart is the largest by body.

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