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17 Interesting Facts Related to Teeth

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Teeth are the parts of our body with the help of which we shorten our food and send it inside the stomach so that it can be easily digested. It is because of the teeth that we can enjoy the taste of food and it is impossible to taste food without teeth. That is why someone has rightly said – “Gone teeth, tastes gone”.

Facts Related to Teeth

1. The average person spends a total of 39 days of their life brushing.

2. Those who drink more than cold drink, their chances of tooth decay and weakness increases up to 62 percent.

3. The strongest part of our body is the upper part of our teeth.

4. By brushing our teeth are only 60 percent clean, complete cleaning of teeth cannot be done without threading them. So along with brushing, make a habit of threading your teeth daily.

5. Right handed person chews food from his right side while left handed person from his left side.

6. Like fingerprints, our teeth marks are also different.

7. The most expensive tooth in the world is that of Sir Isaac Newton. In 1816 his tooth was sold for $ 3633 which is equivalent to today’s $ 36000. That is, about 22 lakh Indian rupees.

8. There are about 300 types of bacteria present in dental plaque.

9. A dog has 42 teeth, a cat has 30, a pig has 44 and an elephant has 26 teeth.

10. The true color of teeth is light yellow, so never try to whiten them.

Facts Related to Teeth

11. Switzerland has more banks than dental doctors in the country.

12. Ancient Romans used urine to brighten their teeth.

13. Gandhiji kept his fake teeth tied in his dhoti. He used to plant them only while eating food.

14. Chew a small piece of ginger to get rid of toothache immediately. The pain will go away immediately.

15. Our teeth are of two types – milk teeth and permanent teeth. Once permanent teeth are broken, they do not come back, instead they have to be fake.

16. If you keep your teeth pressed while going to the toilet, they will remain strong and you will never be paralyzed.

17. After eating food must be rinse well with water, because when we eat something, some of it gets stuck in the teeth. If the teeth are not cleaned on time, then they start to cause decay. Rinse prevents this to a great extent.

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