Talk about a skill that takes long time to learn

Talk about a skill that takes long time to learn

○ What is the skill
○ Why does it take a long time to learn
○ Where/How can you learn it
○ How do you feel about learning this skill

● Each one has different learning ability.
● Therefore, the time taken to learn a skill is also different for different people.
● What is easy for one person, may be very difficult for the other
● Some people find cooking difficult, whereas others find knitting difficult.
● Here, I would like to talk about a skill, which I believe takes a long time to learn.
● The skill is learning a foreign language.
● I feel learning a language is a lifelong process.
● Punjabi is my mother tongue, but sometimes I come across an idiom or proverb, which is very new for me.
● So, naturally, mastering a foreign language is an arduous task and may take a long time.
● My father tells me that my great grandfather knew 10 languages.
● I wonder, how talented he must have been.
● English is a foreign language for us.
● Even though, I have been learning English from class 1, I still struggle for words at times.
● Pronunciation is another aspect, which makes learning a foreign language
● There are nuances in every language, which may be very difficult to master
● By nuances, I mean a very slight difference in meaning
● For example, jealousy and envy have only one word in Punjabi.
● But envy has a positive connotation, and jealousy has a negative connotation.
● Then, there are idioms and proverbs in every language, which have different literal meaning, but are meant to convey something else.

● That is why I feel that learning a foreign language is a skill that takes a long time to learn.

 Follow Up Talk about a skill that takes long time to learn

1. What type of skills may take a long time to learn?
Writing skills like calligraphy take a long time to be learnt.It is a Chinese art that needs practice and meticulous training and observation .As a matter of fact any skill needs training and patience .In most of the skills some dexterity is required so to achieve that proficiency one may require training for a long time

2. Why would people spend a lot of time learning one skill?
Some people are very passionate about your hobbies and they want to learn it to the levels of perfection. So people spend a lot of time learning that kind of skills that they enjoy doing. On the contrary there are certain skills where children do not have an aptitude for But there still useful to be learnt so that it longer learning that skill .

3. Do people feel happy after they have learned a new skill?
Yes whenever you create something there is a sense of achievement and you feel happy about it .So most of the people do feel happy when they learn a new skill. Simple procedures like cooking, stitching, knitting make provide immense happiness when they tried for the first time

4. Why are some people unwilling to learn new skills?
Sometimes people are unwilling to learn new skills because this fear did I go wrong. Fear of failure should not be a hurdle to create something new.Better to have tried and failed than not tried at all.Sometimes people face lot of criticism at work or some children face lot of Criticism at school so they fear to try something new .

5. Do you think it takes a long time to learn a language?
Ability to learn a language may vary from person to person Some individuals learn languages very fast as they are very good at the uptake of new vocabulary,while other people might face difficulty learning new words. To gain superficial knowledge of any language is not difficult but to learn it fluently takes a long time.

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