Describe an argument two of your friends had ?

Describe an argument two of your friends had

  • When it happened
  • What it was about
  • How it was solved
  • How you felt about it?

  • Today I would like to talk about the time when my two friends argued with each other.
  • It was not a long time ago, just 1 month ago, when we are seated at one friend home and chit-chatting.
  • After some times, we discussed on lockdown topic.
  • In India, the corona case is rising dramatically on second waves.
  • Ravi who is my friends told that the bureaucrats should to imposed lockdown, it aid to control cases while Keyur, was believed that lockdown is not the only way and not good for Indian that time, it directly affects the economy.
  • After a few arguments, both voice tones was rose; we try to calm them down, but no one listens to us; they just arguing with each other—both willing to own the notion of pros and others cons.
  • After nearly 15 minutes, both had control horses; they realise that it us upon the government, required to listen to other points as well.
  • Ravi was in lockdown favour because few months back, he loses his uncle whereas the Keyur family struggling as financial, father of his only bread earner and due to the last lockdown, he had no job.
  • Arguments between my two friends have increased our heartbeat for a while and like our heart was in the mouth; however, luckily, no physical clash happened.
  • And after some time, they became cool as a cucumber. I think authority always think about citizen and take a decision that is people a favour.

Questions asked by examiner in part 3

1. Do you think arguments are important?
Yes, arguments are definitely important because they make us know about the other side of the issues. Arguments happen when we are adamant about something but at the same time, we fail to understand the other side. When we argue we learn about what others think.

2. What do family members generally argue about?
I think arguments happened over small issues like what should be made for dinner or what movie should be watched to big issues like how children should be raised, how should money be spent, marriage decisions, and so on. In case, there is a family business there may also be arguments on how the business should be run. In the end, family members can argue over anything and everything.

3. Is it easier for you to have arguments with your friends or your family members?
I think it’s easier for me to have arguments with friends because after having the argument I get the time and space to think about the issue. So, after thinking about it I generally apologise if I think I am wrong or I just apologise for arguing even if I feel I am right. This ends the issue. On the other hand, with family, I don’t get the space. So, sometimes the arguments continue for days.

4. Do you think people should change the way they think when they have arguments?
I think arguments happen because of two main reasons. Firstly, people are unable to control their emotions and they say things they wouldn’t normally. Secondly, they happen because people have very strong opinions about something. So, I think instead of proving oneself right, people should definitely try to listen to other’s point of view in arguments.

5. If two people argue, do you think a third person should be involved in the settlement?
Yes, I think a third person can bring in the much needed objectivity because the people involved in the argument become emotional about the issue. Sometimes a third person’s involvement can bring a quick resolution, otherwise arguments can go on for days.

6. Why do you think people are stubborn and unwilling to change?
I think people are egoistic and they feel that they will lose if they listen to the other person. Moreover, they come to believe or practice something because of their past experiences and that’s why they are emotionally involved with the issue.

7. Do you think you are stubborn?
Yes, I think it’s one of my big drawbacks. I have very strong opinions about certain things and that’s why I am stubborn. However, I am trying to change this part about me and listen more to others.

8. Will you be willing to change?
Yes, as I said before I am trying to change but it is harder done than said. It would take time but it is definitely possible.

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