Food that people eat on special events cue card

Food that people eat on special events

○ How is it cooked
○ Why do people eat it
○ Why you like it

1. Well, India is rich in its diversity.

2. It has diversity in its customs, traditions and cultures.

3. There are number of delicious and scrumptious cuisines which people enjoy eating on the special occasions in my nation.

4. Similarly, here I want to talk about one of the cuisines which is my favourite and individuals like to eat it on special occasions.

5. It is rice pudding.

6. If I talk about the procedure to prepare it, I would say, it is an
easy pill to swallow.

7. Firstly, the rice are boiled for specific time period.

8. Once the rice are boiled, milk is added in boiled rice, which is further cooked at the medium temperature for some time.

9. Following this, dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, dried dates, raisins are added along with sugar to enhance the taste of rice pudding.

10. Now, talking about the reasons why people like to eat rice pudding on the special occasions like birthdays, achievements, festivals and so on.

11. First of all, its taste is incredible and mouth watering.

12. I mean, people enjoy eating it either with chapatti or without it.

13. It can be severed hot in winters while cold in summers.

14. Secondly, it is also used as ambrosia in many of the religious events.

15. During Diwali, for example, while paying the homage to Goddess Laxmi, rice pudding is used as ambrosia.

16. In addition, it is an important part of our tradition since ages.

17. What else… oh yes… it also helps to stay in the pink of health.

18. Provided that (if) consumed in limited way, the healthy nutrients in it such as calcium, protein help a person to stay as healthy as a horse.

19. Even it is the best alternative of ice cream and it can be consumed as dessert during summers as well as winters.

20. All in all, I am very fond of having rice pudding on special occasions especially on my birthday.

Part 3 Follow Up Food that people eat on special events

1. Which food is generally popular in your country?
India is a diverse country. Different types of food are popular in different parts of India. For example, in North India, wheat chapati and dal sabzi is a common food, whereas in South India, idli dosa is eaten in routine.

2. Why some people prefer planting food themselves?
People prefer planting food like vegetables themselves because they want to eat vegetables grown without insecticides and pesticides. Moreover, when they eat something they have grown at home, they pluck the vegetables just before cooking. This retains the freshness of vegetables.

3. Will there be more and more people planting food in future?
Yes, I definitely believe that more and more people will be maintaining kitchen gardens. Vegetables and fruit available in the market has been sprayed with many harmful chemicals. Therefore, urban farming is becoming very popular and will grow in popularity in the future also.

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