Describe an art exhibition that you visited

Describe an art exhibition that you visited

  • when you saw this exhibition
  • where the exhibition was held
  • what was on display
  • and explain your impression of the exhibition

  • Well, I have a science background and therefore, I was not much interested in the Art exhibition.
  • My visit to this exhibition changed my perception towards Artwork,
  • and before this,  I mostly attended scientific conferences and exhibitions.
  • Here, I would like to talk about an Art exhibition that held in my city which I visited along with my friend.
  • A couple of months back, my friend insisted me to go with him to see an art gallery, where a large exhibition was organised by the city council.
  • It was held in Central Park of Art Gallery.
  • I was not much interested initially to visit because I thought it would a boring experience.
  • But I was totally wrong and time spent at this exhibition made a strong impression on my mind.
  • There was a picture display gallery where art collections of prominent arts were displayed and I got mesmerised on watching them.
  • Apart from this, many other artists were displaying their talent of handcraft, stone carving, wood carving and so on.
  • I was really impressed with the form of talent people have.
  • This exhibition made me familiar with the efforts people put on to make masterpieces.
  • This exhibition helped me to break the monotony of life and I felt really great.
  • I learned about many forms of art. All in all, this exhibition changed my mind about Art and in future.
  • I would love to go to the art exhibition if organised in my city.

Questions asked by examiner in part 3

1. Do you like art?
Yes, I like art. Art gives meaning to life. Art is what differentiates us from animals. I like all sorts of art. I like drawing and painting. I also like performing arts like music and dance.

2. Do you think art classes are necessary? {Why?)
Yes, I think art classes are very necessary. Art brings out people’s creativity. Art preserves our culture and traditions.

3. How do you think art classes affect children’s development?
Art classes affect children’s development in many ways. Art brings out the hidden creativity of children. Art is a form of communication. People can convey their feelings through art, like through their paintings or through their songs.

4. What kind of paintings do Indian people like?
Indian people like different kinds of paintings. It is a matter of personal choice. Some people like portraits, some like paintings of landscapes, some like the traditional forms of painting and some like the modern art forms.

5. What can you learn from western paintings?
We can learn many things from western paintings, in fact from any form of art from anywhere. Sometimes it is related to a culture, sometimes it maybe someone’s expression of their perspective, sometimes it’s a social message and we can also learn about the types of material (canvas, paints, etc.) used to create that work of art.

6. What benefits can you get from painting as a hobby?
Painting as a hobby can bring out our hidden talent. Painting can relax us. If we have the talent, we can even sell our paintings and earn money. We can also gift paintings to a loved one.

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