Talk about a time when you travelled with an old person

Talk about a time when you travelled with an old person

○ When and Where?
○ What was the conversation you had?
○ How you felt about it?

● There have been many instances in life when I travelled with my grandparents, but here I would like to talk about a time when I travelled with my friend Sonia’s grandmother.
● Actually, it was Sonia’s cousins wedding and she had invited me also.
● All her other family members went by car, but Sonia, her grandmother and I went by train.
● We went by Chandigarh express, which starts at 7 pm and reaches Chandigarh at 9.30 pm
● I had met her grandmother many times, but that was the time I realised how lively she was.
● Her name is Parkash Kaur.
● She is in her early seventies.
● She has grey hair and wrinkled skin, but looks very beautiful.
● All through the journey we kept chatting with each other.
● She has excellent culinary skills, and as I am also fond of cooking I started
asking her about her recipes.
● She shared many recipes and many cookery tips with me.
● I made quite a few notes in my cell phone.
● Sonia told me that the aroma coming from her grandmother’s kitchen is
irresistible and that she has magic in her hands.
● The two hours journey seemed to pass in two minutes.
● The train was also very comfortable.
● Sonia’s brother had come to the station to receive us.
● So, this was the time I travelled with an old person.

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