Good news that you heard/received/read on the internet

Good news that you heard/received/read on the internet

● What was it about
● When did you hear it
● Why do you think it was good

  • Well! I heard a lot of news till today from which some are happy and others are not.
  • Here, I would like to talk about the good news that I heard a few months ago.
  • A couple of months ago, the national budget has been placed in the national parliament of India and in this budget, it was mentioned that the prices of all electronics products will be reduced.
  • And here, I have been planning for long to buy a laptop for my personal use.
  • Furthermore, before the budget, the price of every electronic product becomes a bit unstable.
  • So, when I heard about the new budget and the price reduction of electronic gadgets, it made me happy.
  • As I already mentioned that I am a student so it was a little difficult to buy such an expensive thing which is really required for several motives.
  • So, I told my father about decreasing prices, He also felt immensely glad and gave me permission to purchase it.
  • Moreover, the budget was presented in January month, it was really a good time to buy a laptop.
  • Because I had two months for preparations for my exams. By having a laptop, I can be prepared for my exam very well.
  • So, we went to the shop, and buy a laptop of a reliable company in our budget.
  • I also told about this to my friends Because two of my friends were also seeking for it. But due to the higher price, they can’t afford it.
  • In this way, the budget announcement that I heard on the internet became beneficial for me and also made me happy a lot.

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