Talk about a place where you like to study

Talk about a place where you like to study

○ Where is it
○ When do you study there
○ What you study there
○ Who you go with
○ Why do you like to study in this place

● There are numerous indoor and outdoor places where people likes to go to study
● But I prefer to study indoors.
● My Favorite place to study is a library.
● There is a huge library named as The Central Library which is situated in sector 34, Chandigarh.
● It is approximately 5 Kms away from my house.
● The building of the library can easily accommodate more than 1000 students at one time.
● The whole building is centrally air conditioned.
● There is ample parking space in front of the building.
● I visited that library for the first time with my elder sister.
● After that I became regular visitor.
● The membership of this library is very reasonable.
● A person has to pay only Rs.500/­ for one year.
● I usually go there to prepare my assignments.
● Even in my leisure time I like visiting to this library to read books like novels, journals etcetera.
● I like to study there because of the ambience of that place.
● Most of the people who visit this library are college going students who are preparing for competitive exams.
● In fact, I have made quite a lot of friends at the library.
● It is a very quiet place and extensive study material is available in this library.
● Sometimes I get the books issued and take them to my home.

● The library also has a Internet cafe, where one can search for information on the Internet and have some coffee.
● It helps me to concentrate better as the location of this library is peaceful and noise free.

Follow Up Talk about a place where you like to study

1. Do you like to learn on your own or with others?
Sometimes, I like to study alone and sometimes in a group. For things that I need to concentrate and focus, I like to study alone. For boring things, I like to study in a group.

2. Do you prefer to study at home or study in other places?
I like to study at home, but sometimes, I go to a library. There I get an atmosphere to study.

3. What’s the difference between leaning face to face with teachers and learning by yourself?
Teachers keep me focused on study, but when I study by myself, I tend to lose my concentration and then I waste time.

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