Describe your idea of a perfect home or dream house

Describe your idea of a perfect home or dream house

○ Features
○ Why

1. I would like to start by saying that one of my biggest dreams is to buy a luxurious bungalow with all the basic and modern facilities/amenities in it.

2. I would love to have it on a hill station away from the hassle of the world.

3. Well, there are number of features I want to have in my dream home.

4. First of all, it should be at least a double story building with European architecture.

5. The interiors and the exteriors should be very well designed and decorated as well.

6. It should also be quite spacious with a proper ventilation system. Moreover, it should be fully air-conditioned.

7. The another facility I want have in my home is that there should be at least 6 to 7 rooms and all equipped with the the modern and branded furniture.

8. There should be separate rooms for every family member.

9. Apart from that, there should be a big drawing room with all the modern fittings and gadgets.

10. One most fascinating facility I want to have is a small library with a very good collection of the books as reading is one of my favourite recreational activities.

11. What else I can say…oh yes… I would love to have a gym, a swimming pool, and may be a badminton court which would help me to stay in the pink of my health by burning some calories and by remaining in shape.

12. I won’t mind having a huge garden as well in front of it with lot of greenery and different varieties of flowers in it.

13. Last but not least, the house should face east side where the rising sun can be a treat to watch.

14. All in all, l would end by saying that I really wish to have a wonderful and amazing house in future.

Describe your idea of a perfect home or dream house

Answer (For those who live in cities)

● Presently, I live in a city.
● My house is not very big but has three bedrooms and some open space in the front and back.
● But, it is a very noisy and congested area.
● My dream house would be in the suburbs of my hometown.
● There I would get the best of both worlds.
● I would be near the facilities of the city as well as be able to enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the village
● I would not like to live in a big house.
● Big houses are difficult to maintain.
● My house would have three bedrooms, a lobby, a kitchen a small lawn in the front and a kitchen garden in the backyard.
● I am very fond of gardening.

● I would grow coriander, mint, aubergine, okra, tomatoes, green chilly and some other seasonal vegetables.
● I would use only organic fertilisers, such as home made compost from the kitchen waste.
● I would not use any insecticides and pesticides.
● All the rooms of my house would be well lit and airy.
● The bathrooms and kitchen would have the latest fittings.
● I would have solar panels set up on the terrace to harness solar energy.
● I would like to welcome and entertain friends and relatives in my house.
● I would keep it spic and span.
● I hope to live in such a house one day.

Follow Up Describe your idea of a perfect home or dream house

1. Do most Indian people live in an apartment or house?
I think it depends on the region they are living in. In most of the big cities, like the metropolitan cities, people live in apartments, as there is a scarcity of land in such places and to accommodate the ever-increasing population, there are more and more apartment buildings being built. However, in the small cities, towns and the countryside, we can find people mostly living in houses, rather than apartments.

2. Do young people in your country like to live with their parents or by themselves?
In my country, young people like to live with their parents, unless they have to move to another city or country, for higher education or for better career prospects. It’s a part of the Indian culture for children to live with their parents.

3. Do Indian people like to rent a place to live?
No, Indian people do not like to rent a place to live. I think it’s the dream of almost every Indian to own his/her own house.

4. Would you live in a foreign country in the future?
Yes, definitely. I would like to live in a foreign country in the future. I plan to pursue my education abroad. I think there are better education facilities and better job opportunities in developed countries.

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