Describe a time when you had to change your plan

Describe a time when you had to change your plan

○ When was it
○ What was the plan
○ Why you had to change it
○ How you felt

1. Well, I’d like to start by saying that change is the law of nature.

2. There were many times when I had to change my plans which sometimes proved to be beneficial for me.

3. Similarly, here I would like to talk about one of the experiences when I changed my plan which proved to be an incredible experience for me.

4. It was in the month of October, last year when my long lost friends came to India from Canada after four years.

5. We all decided to pay a visit to Golden Temple, Amritsar.

6. We planned to go by car but suddenly, my father had to take car due to his urgent and important work.

7. So we changed our plan and we booked the train ???? tickets at eleventh hour.

8. The next day, we caught the train in the early morning in order to reach Amritsar.

9. Though travelling by train took more time as compared to car, the awesome experiences I had during travel made my journey wonderful.

10. I enjoyed my journey in number Of ways.

11. First of all, the weather was soothing on that day which made our journey quite pleasant.

12. Apart from that, we were sitting right next to the window and we were enjoying the picturesque views outside.

13. I still remember, rising sun was really a treat to watch.

14. What else I can say, we didn’t even realise how the time flew away.

15. We were having heart to heart conversations on the happenings from all walks of our life as we met after a long passage of time.

16. In addition, the amenities of the train acted as a cherry on the piece of cake. Along with being spic and span, the seats were quite comfortable/cozy.

17. After completing our journey by train, we reached Golden Temple and we all were spell bounded by the beauty of it.

18. All in all, that was one of the times when I had to change my plan but that experience left indelible imprints on my mind and soul.

Describe a time when you had to change your plan

1. Do old people often change plans?
I think by the time one becomes old, he/she has learnt the importance of planning and doing things on time. So they like to go as per the plan because deviations from plans often create problems which old people do not like

2. Do young people like to change plans?
Young people nowadays are working on multiple things, they like to do multitasking, in order to achieve this, they make frequent changes in their plans. But at the same time young people like to be in control of things they do and if it is often interrupted by changes then they won’t like them.

3. What are the common reasons when people need to change plans?
The reasons for changing plans are mostly circumstantial. Changes are hardly planned. If something or other comes up then people have to change their plans.

4. How would you tell your friends when you must change your plan?
If I make any changes in my plan then I will immediately inform it to my friends or anyone else who is involved in the plan. I will explain to them the reasons behind the change. Informing immediately is necessary because then other people can understand and plan their time accordingly.

5. What kinds of plans are practical?
I think simple plans which involve less people are always practical like planning for a trip or outing etc. But plans which involve a lot of people and are hard to achieve tend to be less practical as they need a lot of time to execute and there is dependency on too many people.

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