Describe a time when you found something that someone lost

Describe a time when you found something that someone lost
○ What did you find
○ When did you find
○ Where you found it
○ How you returned it back to its owner
○ How you felt?

1. Well, I would like to start by saying that losing something is always painful and it’s even more painful when you lose something which is close to your heart and if I talk about my own experiences, I have lost my possessions many a time but seldom found anything.

2. But here I would like to talk about a time when I found something precious which belonged to an old age person.

3. It was around 7 months ago when I went to take a morning walk in a park which is located in my hometown.

4. As I was walking along the tracks, I saw a brand new wallet filled with cash and other important stuff.

5. It was lying in the grass bed.

6. I picked this wallet and luckily/ fortunately there was a licence in it.

7. When I read the name and address, I found out it belonged to a person who
lives in my neighbourhood.

8. After that, I went to his house and returned him his wallet.

9. He felt on top of the world and thanked me lot and he admired my honesty.

10. When I returned home, I told this whole incidence to my father and my father also felt proud on me.

11. All in all, that was one of the times when I felt delighted by doing a noble work.

Part 3 Follow Up Questions

1. What are the things that people always lose?
People lose all sorts of things. They lose money, credit cards, cell phones, their certificates, luggage and many more things

2. Why some people are able to find things easily?
Some people can find things easily because they try to figure out where they might have lost them and then try and look for them. Some people have anti-theft tracking devices fitted in their bags, which help them track those things. Apple iphones have the feature – Find my iphone, which can tell where the phone is.

3. Should parents teach children on what to do when they find lost things?
Yes, parents should teach children to return the thing they found. They should teach their children the ways to track the owner. If the thing is very important such as someone’s certificates, then they can be reported in the police station.

4. Why are historical items important for a country?
They are important because they tell about the past. Archaeologists can get valuable information about the life of people from those things.

5. Should we preserve the item there itself?
Yes, we should ideally, but if that place has no infrastructure to preserve that thing, then it is better to shift it to some good museum.

6. Why do people vandalise historical things?
People do so because they don’t realise the importance of those things.

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