Describe a person whom you have never met but heard a lot about him and would like to meet

Describe a person whom you have never met but heard a lot about him and would like to meet

○ Who this person is?
○ What this person does
○ Why you think this person is interesting
○ What you want to do with this person?

1. Well, as we know, born are many, remembered are few, similarly, India has produced famous personalities from time to time.

2. There are number of legendary figures in my nation and I admire most of them due/owing to their virtues.

3. But here I’d like to talk about a famous personality whom I’d like to meet down the road.

4. He is none other than Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi popularly known as Narendra Modi.

5. He is the honourable Prime Minister Of India.

6. Before becoming the PM of India, he served state of Gujarat as CM for many years.

7. Well, there are plethora of reasons why I‘d like to meet Mr. Modi.

8. First of all, his story from zero to hero is quite inspirational.

9. As he is a self-made man. He was not born with the silver spoon in his mouth.

10. In other words, he rose from scratch and after burning midnight oil, he reached the height of success.

11. This is truly inspirational.

12. It shows that it is the talent and hard work which matter not the background.

13. It also proves that with sheer determination, dedication and hard work, anyone can achieve anything in one’s life.

14. Secondly, he is an incredible public speaker.

15. I mean, he is an amazing orator and everyone sits on the edge of the chair during his speech.

16. Along with this, he has a charismatic personality.

17. The another reason is that he is an action oriented person as he has started many initiatives for the development of India .

18. Mr. Modi, furthermore, is a visionary person. He thinks out of the box and he thinks long term.

19. After meeting him, I’d like to take his autograph as well as click a picture with him.

20.Along with this, I’d like to ask number of valuable suggestions in order to become the person of success.

21. All in all, he is truly an inspiration and legendary example for many people and I admire him from the core of my heart.

22. I’m waiting with curiosity to meet him down the line.


Describe a person whom you have never met but heard a lot about him and would like to meet

1. In what ways can we meet new people?
We can meet new people in many ways. But for me the best way to meet new people is to travel to new places. There are also other ways like joining book clubs, gyms where a person can find like­minded people.

2. Do you think can we get some information from person’s dress?
Yes, we can get a lot of information from a person’s dress like his culture, his place of upbringing ­rural , urban and so on. Also , there are other things like if the person is organized or not. I normally think a person wearing shoes and socks to occasions is more formal , more organized whereas people in sandals are more carefree.

3. Do you think our guess about a person is always right?
No, I believe our guess about a person is not always right but in most cases it is. However, I think we have to make guesses about people, it makes our life easier. It simplifies life. Many people later on prove us wrong.

4. Do you have many friends in your community?
Yes I have many friends in my neighbourhood.In fact, two of my closest friends are my neighbours. We regularly borrow and lends things too.

5. Do people feel safe in India?
Yes, India is a diverse country. Many parts of India are very safe but then are parts like Kashmir and the North­East which do face a lot of terrorism. So I think it depends upon the place of the residence. I live in Punjab and it is a very peaceful place. There is some crime but nothing that keeps me up at night.

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