An important decision you made with help of someone

An important decision you made with help of someone

○ What was the decision
○ Who helped you
○ How he helped you

1. I would like to start by saying that decision making plays an important role since we know “a stitch in time saves nine”, similarly, a right decision can change the trajectory of our life.

2. Therefore, I am very careful/cautious about taking decisions and here I would like to talk about a decision I made with the help of my cousin.

3. The decision was regarding “quitting social media”.

4. As we know that the use of social media is burgeoning day by day.

5. Not only youngsters but senior citizens, who were once considered technophobes, are now signing up on these platforms.

6. However, once my cousin “………..” who is a psychologist and a motivational speaker, he came to stay at our house.

7. He stayed with us for a week. During that week, he noticed that I was using social media for prolonged time and it was having so many aftermaths on me such as I was distracted from my studies and goals, I was not engaging myself in physical activities.

8. As a result, I was becoming indolent/ lethargic.

9. Even I was comparing my life with so many others out there which was making me feel emotionally weak.

10. One evening, my cousin took me to a park for a walk and there he told me that life is like a park and there are so many pathways.

11. He told me that whatever path we choose to take, we end up reaching that destination.

12. The next line was like a bullet in my head when he said “my addiction to distraction will cost me my fortune” and then he gave me many valuable strategies to deal with those distractions.

13. From that day onwards, I promised myself and my cousin that I would quit social media, rather I would spend time on my studies and with my near and dear ones and I started to engage myself in games and sports in my spare time.

14. It was no longer than 2 months when I started to see tremendous changes in the way I felt and behaved.

15. I was always full of beans and curious about learning new things in class room.

16. Consequently, I passed my exams with flying colours.

17. To cut the long story short, the decision of abandoning social media was so far the most back breaking and challenging decision for me.

18. However, with my cousin’s inspiration, this decision proved to be a boon in my life.

Follow Up An important decision you made with help of someone

1. Do you always ask for help when making decisions?
Yes, I mostly seek my parents’ or siblings’ advice when making decisions. I feel that they understand me and are able to give me the best guidance and suggestions.

2. Do you think teenagers are able to take decisions on their own?
Today, the teenagers are very well­informed and have a great exposure because of the access to technology. So, most of the teenagers are able to take good decisions when it comes to small, everyday decisions. However, for the bigger decisions like choosing a career path, they still need the experience and the guidance of their elders.

3. Why some can make quick decisions and some cannot?
Some people who can make quick decisions are very clear about what they want and do not waste any time making decisions. They have a clear, straightforward approach to things. However, there are some people who are not very quick at making decisions, as they may be confused and have a lot of external factors which affect their decision making skills. It could be because of a lot of and varied advice from family, friends, and relatives. Some people may feel pressured due to personal circumstances and other societal constraints. So they take a lot of time to decide on what to do or choose.

4. What should national leaders consider when they make decisions?
National leaders consider the public interests when they make decisions. They also consider the future of the nation when making certain decisions.

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