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Rajasthan, the largest state in terms of area, is known all over the world due to its many characteristics. Many patriotic stories related to Rajasthan increase the pride of the state. In Rajasthan Essay & Essay On Rajasthan, today we will talk about the state capital, history, art, culture, costumes, traditions, customs, language, geography, tourist destination etc. in this Rajasthan essay.

History & Facts about Rajasthani Sanskriti

Heroic legends, romantic stories, lively culture, riding on a camel on sandy desert land, when it comes to the mind psyche, the same name comes in the mind of the beautiful Rangels Rajasthan. In history, it was known as Rajputana, the land of kings, after independence, it came to be called Rajasthan. This state of northern India, situated in the unique shade of nature, is living proof of its timeless wonder. The floor of the traveler who is fond of travel comes to an end.

Rajasthan is a northern Indian state bordering Pakistan. Its palaces and forts are historically reminders of many disputed many empires for the region. Jaipur / Pink Nagar, the capital of Rajasthan, is an 18th-century city palace and former clusters for royal women, Hawa Mahal 5-story pink sandstone screens.

Rajasthan is one of the popular tourist destinations of India for domestic and foreign tourists. Rajasthan is attracting tourists with its historical forts, palaces, art and culture, with its slogans, our country and now what can be seen in the logo of tourism.

Every third tourist visiting India definitely travels to Rajasthan. Because it is also an important part of the Golden Triangle of tourist destinations in India. The palaces of Jaipur, the lakes of Udaipur, Jodhpur Jaisalmer and the desert part of Bikaner are among the favorite destinations of tourists.

Rajasthan has registered an increase of eight percent in tourism as compared to previous years. Many historical buildings, buildings and forts here are classified as heritage hotels. Rajasthan is particularly known for its hill forts and palaces.

History and Geography of Rajasthan

Once those who visit this region, the most interesting moments in their lives, interesting chapters of the journey of Rajasthan are added. This region, bordering Pakistan in the northwest of India, is geographically the largest landmass of the country. The area of ​​Rajasthan is 342,269 square kilometers which is 10.4% of the total area of ​​India. The capital of this colorful state is Jaipur. The coldest place in the state is Mount Abu, which is also the only hill station in the state. In the ten districts of the west, about 60 percent of the Thar Desert is covered, which is a dead sand and dry state.

History of Rajasthan, Guarding the Dignity of Women Power

The period of 1490 when there was a severe famine on the western part of Rajasthan called Marwar. In this famine, people had no support to live. Millions of people had landed in the ghat. Duda and Varsingh were the younger brothers of Rao Satal, the ruler of Marwar at that time. They looted Sambhar and came to Marwar via Merta. Mallu Khan was the ruler of Sambhar. He mounted Merta as a resistance, at that time he abducted 140 girls who came to worship Gauri on the pond.

Rao Satal immediately took his army and started chasing them, he cut off the head of Muslim general Ghudla Khan and handed over those 140 girls. Those girls circled the entire village with that head. Even today, the horse festival is celebrated every year on the Chaitra Shukla Tritiya in Marwar, keeping this tradition alive.

Rajasthan’s Art,  Culture and Cuisine

Rajasthani people are considered to be very fond of food. The identity of the state due to its food and drink also takes its glory four moons. Here, along with the changing taste of water on 10 Kos, the dish and their taste also change. Bhujia, Sangri, Dal Baati, Churma, Pittaur vegetable, Dal ki Puri, Mawa Malpua, Bikaneri Rasgulla, Ghevar, Jhajaria, Lapsi, Balushahi, Gaundi, Panchkut, Gatta vegetable, Turmeric greens keep the taste of the tongue of the people Huh.

The music and dance sung on various occasions of the local public is very unique and sweet. Here even today people are associated with their paramparas. Safa turban ghoti kurta in the costumes of a Rajasthani person, lehenga kurti and colorful odhni in women show the unique art of Rajasthan. Excellent examples of carving, gold clay and glass ornaments and the art of carving on stones can be seen only in Rajasthan.

Climate and Language of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is considered a dry and desert region. The climate here is warm throughout the year. Here too, the temperature is quite high in the three seasons of winter, summer and rain. In summer, the mercury touches 50 degrees. Mount Abu region of Sirohi in the coldest places of the state provides some relief this summer.

If you have come to visit Rajasthan then you will get to hear different languages ​​in every region here. Rajasthani and Hindi are spoken in most of the areas of the state. The two states speak mixed languages ​​in the six districts bordering the neighboring states. The confluence of Gujarati, Punjabi, Malvi, Sindhi, Haryanvi, Braj etc. can be seen in Rajasthan.

More Information about Rajasthan

On the Rajasthan essay given above, you have told a lot about the heritage culture, history, food and geography of our state. Here you are giving some factual information. The capital of Rajasthan is named Jaipur and the judicial capital Jodhpur is called because Rajasthan High Court is in Jodhpur. The total area of ​​the state is 342,239 square kilometers.

According to the 2012 data, the population of the state is 6.89 crore, the most populous district is Jaipur and the least population is Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is the largest district in the region. Whose density is also the lowest. The Chief Minister of the state is Vasundhara Raje who contests from Jhalrapatan seat of Jhalawar. She is also the first woman Chief Minister of the state.

Rajasthan has a 1070 km terrestrial border with Pakistan in the west, Punjab Haryana and Uttar Pradesh border in the northeast of the state. And its borders in south and east south meet with Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh has the longest border between the two states where both states have 10 border districts.

Presently, the creation of this state of 33 districts, 7 divisions was completed in 7 phases on 1 November 1956, Hiralal Shastri was the first elected Chief Minister of the state. The kingdoms of Rajasthan are chinkara and camel respectively. The state birds are the Great Indian Bustard Godavan. State flowers are Rohida and State trees are Kejdi. The state ranks eighth in India in terms of population. There are 200 assembly seats for which assembly elections are due in December 2019. There are 25 Lok Sabha and 10 Rajya Sabha seats in the state.

Essay On Rajasthan ( In 500 Words )

Introduction– There are many places in Rajasthan which have witnessed the valor of the Rajputs. In fact, this name brings to mind the colorful traditions, customs and zonal features of this region. Therefore, it is also blessed with a unique vibrant culture and colorful region. Is called

The colorful nature of Rajasthan – Naturally the Aravalli range of Rajasthan separates it into two parts. If the desert of this place catches everyone, then South and East Rajasthan is beautiful due to the green geographical terrain. There are many forts and forts here , Historical buildings, palaces, temples and pilgrimage centers. Here the brave women like Rani Padmini, Karmavati, Panna, Tara, Mahamaya etc. and Bhaktmati Meera Sahajo Bai etc. increased the cow of womanhood. Each part of it looks beautiful colored.

Rajasthan’s Surangi Culture – The culture of Rajasthan holds its own unique identity here. Guest hospitality is done freely. This religious festival is more than a festival. Apart from the festive festival, besides Holi, Deepawali, Gangaur, Sheetalashtami, etc. there are many local festivals. It is celebrated here. The house effect of Lokdevata Gogaji, Pabuji, Ramdevji, Devnarayanji Tejaji, Kalaji’s folk life is visible on the common life, so the place of the goddesses like Karani Mata, Jinmata, Sheelmata, Avadmata Ambamata, Chothamata etc. is also common.

Pilgrimage places like Tirthraj Pushkar Nathdwara, Shri Mahavir ji, Diggi Kalyanji, Ekling ji, Kailadevi, Khatushyam, Mehndipur Balaji, Ajmer Dargah etc. are the symbols of its religious faith, while Nanarangi Huddang, Gairas, Jackals, Dandies, Ramats, Ghumaris, Dhamaalos, Dhamalos , Play shows, bribes and gunpowder games are very amazing and hard to see in the life of the people. This makes the culture here colorful.

Rajasthan’s unique shade – Rajasthan is a state of waterless dungers, dhanis and sandy thieves. Yet the land here is rich in mineral wealth. There are many food items of marble and other timber stones here. Similarly, copper, glass, mica, zinc, etc., along with precious metals, lime cement stone are available in abundance.

Artistic frescoes, ornate squares, picturesque steps and umbrellas, along with enamel carvings, carving objects and vernacular stone sculptures are interviewed everywhere. Along with many arts such as architecture, sculpture, dyeing printing and embroidery, there are unique hues of music, dance and folk songs etc. Virtually all these characteristics are the paradigm of the colorfulness of Rajasthan.

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Epilogue– The Dhara of Rajasthan appears to be enriched due to the valor, religious festivals, folk beliefs and cultural historical traditions. At the same time, with the craftsmanship, architecture and painting along with other features, life and vitality are seen in public life. In the dress and dress, the idea of ​​ethics, faith, faith and zeal, etc. Rajasthan Rangeela appears.

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