Essay on Television (TV) for Students and Children

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Television is one of the most popular devices used for entertainment worldwide. It has become quite common nowadays and almost every household has a television set. In the beginning, let us see how it is called ‘Idiot Box’. This was mostly because in those days, it was all about entertainment. It did not have many informative channels as it is now.

The Invention of Television

The first invention in the world was in 1927, by a person of 21 years old named Philo Farnsworth, Charles Francis Jenkins, John Logie Birad. Thereafter, a variety of improvements were made in television with the same quality. To be improved, in 1800, the work of sending pictures taken by the camera by a machine started.

Actually, the first television was invented in the year 1927, after which the amendment was done, the amendment was not done once but hundreds of times which are like this.

' Television ' ' TV ' ' Essay on TV ' ' Essay on Television ' ' Old Television ' ' Old TV '

When the first television was invented, it showed a screen without colors. Shortly afterwards, television was presented in radio mode, and as All India Radio, making similar modifications – today we have a better color and (LED) type of television.

Also, with this invention, the craze attracted many people to spend all their time watching TV. People started to consider it harmful because it attracted children the most. In other words, children spent most of their time watching television and not studying. However, as time passed, television channels changed. More and more channels were broadcast with different features. Thus, it gave us knowledge as well as entertainment.

Benefits of Watching Television

The invention of television gave us various benefits. This was helpful in providing cheap means of entertainment to the common man. As they are very inexpensive, everyone can now own television and access entertainment.

In addition, it keeps us updated on the latest happenings in the world. It is now possible to receive news from other corners of the world. Similarly, television also offers educational programs that increase our knowledge about science and wildlife and more.

Apart from this, television also motivates individuals to develop skills. They also have various programs that showcase speeches of motivational speakers. It motivates people to do better. You can also say that television increases the risk we get. It enhances our knowledge about many sports, national events and more.

While television comes with a lot of benefits, it also has a downside. Television is corrupting the minds of the youth and we will discuss further how.

How Television is Harming Youth

First, we see how television is broadcasting inappropriate content that promotes all kinds of social evils such as violence, eve and more. Secondly, it is also harmful to our health. If you spend hours in front of the television, your vision will become weak. Your posture will also cause pain in your neck and back.

Additionally, it also makes people addictive. People get addicted to their TV and avoid social interaction. This affects their social life as they spend their time alone in their rooms. This addiction also makes them weak and they take their programs seriously.

The most dangerous of all is fake information that is broadcast on news channels and more. Many media channels are now only promoting the promotion of governments and misinforming citizens. This causes a lot of division within the otherwise peaceful community of our country.o

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Thus, it is very important to keep watching TV. Parents should limit their children’s TV viewing time and encourage them to engage in outdoor sports. As for parents, we should not consider everything on TV to be true. We should be a better judge of the situation and act wisely without any effect.

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