Pollution Essay – Causes And Types Of Pollution

In this age of science, where we have got some boon, we have also got the same curse such as pollution. It has a very bad effect on our younger generation. Increasing pollution is one of the biggest problems of the present time, which is increasing rapidly in modern and technologically advanced societies. Due to pollution, the environment or environment in which man has lived, is getting worse day by day.

You have to endure extreme heat somewhere and extreme cold elsewhere. Not only this, all the living beings are also facing different types of diseases. Nature and its environment, by its nature, is pure, clean and healthy for all living organisms, but if it gets polluted due to any reason, it creates various problems for all the living beings in the environment. As human civilization is developing, the amount of pollution is also increasing in the environment. The activities of man and his lifestyle are responsible for increasing it.

Meaning of pollution – Pollution is a defect arising in natural equilibrium due to the entry of contaminants into the environment. Pollution means – ‘pollution of air, water, soil, etc. by unwanted liquids’, which has a direct adverse effect on living organisms and other indirect effects by damage to ecosystems.

Types Of Pollution

(1) Water Pollution – Water pollution is a big problem. At present, all our major rivers like Ganga, Yamuna Chambal etc. are lying with all the dirt, plastic and other kind of garbage. According to a recent data, about 73 people die per hour due to drinking polluted water in our country and this figure is increasing year after year.

Causes Of Water Pollution

  • In some places it seems that garbage is flowing in place of water in the river, some people also do their daily activities, washing clothes, bathing animals near the rivers, due to which water gets contaminated.
  • The matter of even greater concern is that poisonous and chemical-rich water released from factories and factories is also released in rivers and ponds.
  • Our governments are also Playing crucial role in increasing water pollution because the water released from the gutter is often released into rivers and seas, due to which the entire water gets polluted.

Which makes the water poisonous, due to which the life of the living organisms in the river is in danger and this poisonous water gets us to drink, due to which various diseases spread.

(2) Air pollution – Air pollution is a matter of concern because only the cities of our country come in the top ten in the list of most air polluted cities in the world. People owing to face Asthma, cancer, skin disease, irritation in eyes, heart diseases, due to the air pollution. From this, it can be estimated that how fast air pollution is increasing in our country. In our country, every year 12.4 lakh people die due to air pollution and this figure is increasing year after year.

Causes Of Air Pollution

  • Smoke from factories, vehicle, coal, homes, smoke from stubble burning, etc. are the  main cause of the air pollution.
  • Another major cause of air pollution is that indiscriminate cutting of trees is being done day by day and urbanization is increasing due to which air pollution is increasing.

Our environment is also affected by air pollution. Trees and plants wilt and due to this, excessive air pollution starts.

(3) Noise Pollution – The quality of air also affects our lives. Pollution-free environment is essential for better health. To live life well, there is no other thing as important as health. However, in today’s era of urbanization and runoff, air pollution continues to increase. Living in clean air in cities has become almost impossible. Bad air causes many damage to our body.

According to a report, about 7 million people die every year in the world. Increasing population in cities, increasing number of vehicles, dwindling forest are all the reasons due to which air pollution reaches dangerous levels. Pollution in the air affects us physically and mentally. Pollution badly affects our lame, heart and nervous systems. In some cases it can even damage bones.

Causes Of Noise Pollution

  • Noise pollution is caused by loudspeakers, horns, rattle of vehicles, sound of machines, sound of airplanes, construction work, thunder of clouds, etc.
  • But the main source of noise pollution comes from human-generated works. If a human stays for more than a limited sound, then he can be deaf as well as his mental balance.
  • Currently, people use loudspeakers everywhere in weddings, parties, any kind of publicity, which greatly increases the noise pollution.

Children and old people have more problems due to noise pollution. Noise pollution also affects the day-to-day routine of animals.

(4) Soil Pollution – Like climate, soil is also a natural resource, which provides food and living. In addition to human activities, the land contributes to organize the water cycle, nitrogen cycle, energy cycle etc. in the ecosystem. Where soil is concerned with human activities, soil is the basis of all economic activities, from farming to waste disposal.

Causes Of Soil Pollution

  • The waste material coming out of human factories either bury in the soil or throw it like this, due to which the land there slowly starts becoming barren.
  • At present, there is a lot of soil pollution due to plastic, because toxic substances are released from the plastic all the time, which make the entire land poisonous.
  • The use of urea fertilizers used in the field has also increased greatly due to which the land becomes polluted.

All these have an impact on human health only because poisonous chemicals are found in grains and vegetables originating from the land, which worsens human health, which is why many diseases are spreading today.

(5) Light Pollution – Day and night are natural actions, if there is any change in them, then it affects the whole nature. Pollution of light is the glow seen on the sky at night. Pollution of light enters our houses through electric doors and lamps on the roads through doors and windows. Which becomes an essential and necessary thing in the current life. This type of pollution is constantly increasing due to light in the environment. The way to prevent or reduce this is to use electricity or light only when needed.

Causes Of Light Pollution

  • At present, electricity is being used very much due to the progress of science is the main cause of light pollution.
  • And nowadays, more light lights are used, due to which, at night, it looks like day. Due to increasing urbanization, there is a lot of light even at night.

Due to which wild animals have a lot of trouble, their entire routine gets spoiled due to this.

(6) Radioactivity Pollution – Pollution caused by radioactive radiation is called radioactivity pollution. This pollution is not visible to the eye but is the most dangerous for health.

Causes Of Radioactivity Pollution

  1. Nuclear making centers or factories
  2. Moving radioactive or nuclear dirt from one place to another
  3. Method of elimination of radio or nuclear materials
  4. Through Uranium Digging
  5. Nuclear bomb
  6. Nuclear power house waste material

If any person or animal comes into contact with it that dies in no time. Hiroshima or Nagasaki both cities were suffered by Radioactivity Pollution in 1945, during the world war two.

(7) Thermal pollution – Presently thermal pollution is increasing very fast because as the needs of people are increasing, there are different types of factories in which water is used to keep cool many types of substances and other items.

Causes Of Thermal Pollution

  1. Nuclear power plant
  2. Coal fired power plant
  3. Industrial Efforts
  4. Domestic sewage
  5. Hydro-electric power
  6. Thermal Power Plant

Due to which the water becomes very hot and it is released directly into the rivers, due to which the temperature of water suddenly changes. Due to this, the creatures living in the rivers die.

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