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The bicycle is a two-wheeler that does not require any type of fuel. Bicycles are a successful means of traveling a little distance and it is also very safe. It can be driven on any kind of road. The bicycle is not very expensive and everybody can buy it easily. Cycle does not harm the environment like any other means of transport. Bicycles are also very useful for health and keep us healthy. Bicycles are an advantageous tool that is cheap, simple, successful and useful.

I still remember the day when I got my first bicycle. I got my first bicycle when I was 7 years old. It was a four wheel bicycle. It was pink in color. There was a beautiful picture of Barbie on my bicycle seat. Every day in the morning I would ride my bicycle. Whenever I saw people approaching my bicycle, I loved to ring the bell.

Essay on Bicycle

There was a basket in front of my bicycle. I always kept my favorite teddy bear in the basket. After this my father removed the wheels. I was too afraid to ride a bicycle without side wheels. Suddenly, one day I put my feet on the paddle and rode. Eventually, I learned how to ride a bicycle alone. I was very happy. When I grew up my father bought me a big bicycle. Now, I also take it to school and some nearby shops. But still I love my first bicycle and keep it safe in my house. When she grows up I’ll give it to my sister.

I have a beautiful bicycle. It is red in color. My cycle is 8 months old. I love riding my bicycle. I use to ride my bicycle while playing with friends. I ride with my friends all evening. We use to go to that area. Which is far away from our house. But with the help of our bicycle, we get there in a few minutes. That area is huge and we all ride bicycles here. For me it is a very fun moment for cycling. I feel like I’m flying in the sky.

Essay on Bicycle

I still remember that day. When my father bought me this bicycle because I made very good marks in 4th grade. It was the happiest day of my life because it was my own dream which was my own beautiful bicycle. I cycle all day when I got it. It was a four wheel bicycle at that time. I would be able to ride it very easily but after a few days, my father removed the wheels from the bicycle. I was too afraid to ride it without wheels. But my father helped me a lot and taught me how to balance it. In the early stages, I had fallen for a long time. But eventually I managed to ride him alone without the help of my father.

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Now I am also using my bicycle to go to school. My father allowed me to go to school with my bicycle when I learned to ride it comfortably. Now, with the help of my bicycle, I also help my mother by visiting nearby shops. I have attached a beautiful sticker on the front of my bicycle. It gives a more beautiful and quiet look on my bicycle. I have also attached an electronic bell with the help of my father, which generates many noises while it is ringing. I love my bicycle very much and I will always ride it with my friends in future.

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