Where is desert oak found?

' Registani Oak Tree ' ' Oak Tree '

Desert oak is a medium-sized tree found in Australia. In Australia, this tree is found in the desert dry areas of Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia.

Interesting facts about desert oak

1. The bark of these trees is buried deep inside, which gives them some help in protecting them from the terrible fires of Australia.

2. Desert oaks are often found in a rocky space between solid sand dunes. They grow well in deep red sand.

3. Anangu Aboriginal people of Australia knew this tree by the name of Kurkara.

4. The scientific name of this tree is Allocasuarina Decaisneana (Alloksurina desaiina). Allocasuarina is the genus of this tree while Decaisneana is named after a Belgian botanist Joseph Decaisne (Joseph DeCassen 1807-1882). Surprisingly, Joseph DeCassen had never traveled to Australia, nor had he ever seen the desert oak.

5. Desert oak tree roots go deep in the ground to that length – until the water reaches the roots of this tree. This water keeps accumulating in the trunk of the tree.

' Registani Oak ' ' Oak '

6. Desert oak was the source of water for the Aboriginal people of Australia. They used to get water from the hollows and roots of these trees. For this, he used to use the pipe of thin girl many times.

7. Aborigines of Australia also used these trees to make weapons of hunting. A 10,000-year-old weapon made of wood from this tree has been found at the site of Wylie Swamp in South Australia.

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