Facts and Important Questions About The Moon

The moon is the only natural satellite of our earth. Scientists believe that 450 million years ago, a meteor named ‘Thaya’ collided with the Earth, due to which some part of the Earth broke and separated, which became the moon. At that time the Earth was in liquid form. The moon completes a round of the Earth in 27.3 days and is responsible for the tides and ebb that hit the earth’s seas.

30 fun facts about the moon

1. So far only 12 humans have gone to the moon. Since 1972, that is, no astronaut has been to the moon for the last 46 years.

2. The moon is only 27% of the size of the Earth.

3. The weight of the moon is about 81,00,00,00,000 (81 billion) tons.

4. The full moon is 9 times brighter than half moon.

5. If the moon disappears, the day will be only 6 hours on Earth.

6. When astronaut Alan Sapard was on the moon, he hit a golf ball which went about 800 meters away. You can see it in the video above.

7. If your weight is 60 kg on the earth, because of the low gravity of the moon, your weight on the moon will be only 10 kg. This is why astronauts can jump higher on the moon.

8. When all the Apollo spacecraft returned from the moon, they brought a total of 296 pieces of rock whose weight (weight) was 382 kg.

9. Only 59% of the Moon is visible from the Earth.

10. When the moon revolves around the earth, it keeps only part of it towards the earth. Therefore, no man has seen the second part of the moon till today. But with the help of space vehicles, photographs of other parts of the moon have been taken.

11. The diameter of the moon is only one fourth of the diameter of the earth and about 9 moons can fit into the earth.

12. Do you know the moon is moving 4 cm away from the earth every year. 50 billion years from now, the moon will complete an orbit around the earth in 47 days, which is now doing in 27.3 days. But this will not happen because only 5 billion years from now, the Earth will be destroyed along with the Sun.

' neal arm strong on moon ' ' neal arm strong '

13. When Buzz Aldrin, who was with him after Neil Armstrong, made his first move to the moon, the mark he made on the moon land is still there, and will remain so for the next few millions of years. The reason for this is that there is no wind on the moon which erases it.

' foot print neal arm stong '

14. Neil Armstrong had a piece of Wright Brothers’ first airplane when he first went to the moon.

15. It was decided at a meeting in March 1969 that Armstrong would be the first to land on the moon. Armstrong’s talent and experience had some role to play in this decision, with NASA management believing that Armstrong was a man of humble nature.

16. Do you know that during the 1950s America planned to blow up the moon with a nuclear bomb.

17. The moon is number 5 in 181 satellites of the solar system.

18. The area of ​​the moon is equal to the area of ​​Africa.

19. Water on the moon is the discovery of India. Even before India, many scientists believed that there will be water on the moon but no one has discovered it.

20. If you are not happy with your internet speed, then you can turn to the moon. Yes, NASA has provided a wi-fi connection on the moon making a world record, whose speed of 19 mbps is very surprising.

21. The temperature of the illuminated part of the moon reaches 180 ° C while that of the dark part reaches -153 ° C.

22. There are 96 bags left by humans on the Moon, which contain the stool, urine and vomit of astronauts who go to the moon.

23. When the Moon enters between the Earth and the Sun, this position is called a lunar eclipse. During this time in some parts of the earth, it is incomplete in the day.

24. The US government spent an equal amount of time and money sending men to the moon and finding Osama bin Laden: 10 years and $ 100 million.

25. It would be surprising to know that your mobile phone has more computing power than the computer used during the moon landing of Apollo 11 vehicle.

26. The Apollo-11 vehicle’s original tape, created at the time of landing, was erased and was accidentally reused.

27. The moon is not round, but it is shaped like an egg.

28. Moon has no atmosphere due to its low gravitational power. Due to the absence of atmospheres, the risk of solar wind and meteorites coming remains constant.

29. About 1,81,400 kg of man-made debris is lying on the moon, including more than 70 spacecraft and crashed artificial satellites.

30. In October 2020, NASA made a new discovery regarding water on the Moon. One of his observatory SOFIA detected water molecules in the Moon’s Clavius ​​crater (pit). The Clavius ​​Crater can also be seen from the Earth and it lies in the sun’s illuminated part of the Moon. Data from the water discovery area on the moon yielded water in concentrations of 100 to 412 parts per million. In comparison, the amount of water discovered on the lunar surface is 100 times less than the amount of water in the Sahara Desert of Africa. Despite being in small quantities, the discovery raises questions about how water came to the surface of the moon?

Names of people going to the moon

' how many people went to moon '

Between 1968 and 1972, the US sent a total of 9 successful manned missions to the moon. Out of these 9 missions, 6 times the spacecraft was successfully landed on the surface of the moon and in 3 missions (missions) the spacecraft only orbited the moon.

In the 6 missions in which the moon was legged on the surface, each time 2 astronauts stepped on the moon’s surface.

So far a total of 12 people have stepped on the surface of the moon, whose list is given below. The bracket contains the name of the mission in which these people went –

  • Neil Armstrong (Apollo 11)
  • Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin (Apollo 11)
  • Charles “Pete” Conrad (Apollo 12)
  • Alan Bean (Apollo 12)
  • Alan B. Shepard Jr. (Apollo 14)
  • Edgar D. Mitchell (Apollo 14)
  • David R. Scott (Apollo 15)
  • James B. Irwin (Apollo 15)
  • John W. Young (Apollo 16)
  • Charles M. Duke (Apollo 16)
  • Eugene Cernan (Apollo 17)
  • Harrison H. Schmitt (Apollo 17)

Now let us also tell you that among the 9 expeditions that went successfully towards the moon, 3 astronauts were involved each time. But there were 3 astronauts who were part of these missions twice. In this way there are a total of 24 (9 * 3 = 27,27-3 = 24) people who went towards the moon.

In the 6 expeditions in which astronauts successfully stepped on the surface of the moon, only 3–3 persons went. 2 people used to land on the moon from a vehicle and the third one was orbiting the moon in that vehicle, in which all three had to return to the earth.

In Apollo 8,10 and 13 missions only the moon was revolved. Apollo 13 was supposed to land on the moon’s surface, but after reaching the moon’s orbit, it had some technical fault, due to which he could not land on the moon and had to return to Earth.

Who was the first woman to go to the moon?

No woman has yet landed on the moon. Nor has she been involved in any mission orbiting the moon. The US has successfully sent a total of 9 manned missions to the moon. In these missions, 24 persons went towards the moon. All these astronauts were men.

Who was the first Indian to go to the moon?

No Indian has visited the moon yet. The 24 people who went to the moon were all Americans. So far, only America has been able to send its people to the moon. No other country has done this feat yet.

Some people say that Kalpana Chawla is the first Indian woman to go to the moon. it is not true. Kalpana Chawla went to space from the US, and she orbited the Earth with her companions from the spacecraft.

Apart from them, Rakesh Sharma and Sunita Williams are the only people of Indian origin who have traveled in space. Rakesh Sharma went to space in the Russian mission and Sunita went to the US mission. Both orbited the Earth through spacecraft.

How long does it take to go to the moon?

Space missions that have gone to the moon so far take an average of three days to reach the moon from Earth. This period also depends on which route has been set for the journey.

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