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We humans live in different houses, but there is also a house that we all humans share together. Here we are talking about the Earth, which is the only known planet in the solar system and the only known planet in the universe on which life is possible. Let us know some interesting facts and important questions about this amazing, blue and life-giving planet –

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Interesting Facts About Earth

1. There are a total of 500 active volcanoes on the earth, which have formed 80% of the lower and upper part of the earth’s surface from their volcanic ash.

2. 450 million years ago, there was a Mars-shaped planet in the Solar System orbiting the Sun on the same planetary path with the Earth. But for some reason this planet collided with the earth and one of the earth turned and the other part of the earth separated from this collision became the moon.

3. Due to the gravity of the earth, it is not possible for the mountains to be higher than 15,000 meters.

4. All the continents of the earth have been moving for the last 25 million years. This motion is due to the constant motion of tectonic plates. Each continent is moving at a different speed than another continent. For example, the Pacific plate moves 4 cm per year, while the northern Atlantic moves 1 cm per year.

5. Every creature on the earth has carbon.

6. All the humans of the earth can fit in a cube of 1 square kilometer. If we make one person stand in one square meter, then one million people can stand in one square kilometer.

7. Sun is not the only source of heat on Earth. Rather, the interior of the earth is made of molten material which keeps the internal temperature of the earth constant. It is estimated that the temperature of this interior is 5000 to 7000 degrees Celsius, which is equal to the temperature of the surface of the Sun.

8. Do you know that all the continents of the earth were connected to each other 65 million years ago. Scientists believe that when a meteorite fell on the earth, then continents separated from each other due to continuous volcanoes and powerful earthquakes, which is why the dinosaur was eliminated from the earth. Earlier when all the continents were connected, it looked like the picture above and it has been named ‘Pangea’ by scientists.

9. 45,00 clouds (clouds) thunder on the earth everyday.

10. Earth is the only planet in the sky Ganges that has arrangement of tectonic plates.

Interesting Facts About Earth

11. Every year, 30,000 outer-space objects enter the Earth’s atmosphere. But most of these, due to friction on burning inside the earth’s atmosphere, start burning, which we often call ‘falling star’.

12. It is generally believed that Venus is the brightest planet in the Solar System, but it is not. If all the planets in the solar system are seen from a particular distance, then the Earth will be the brightest. This is because the earth’s water changes the sunlight, making it look brightest from a particular distance.

13. The deepest pit dug by humans was dug in Russia in 1989 with a depth of 12.262 km.

14. Only 11 percent of the Earth’s surface is used to produce food.

15. Do you know that the Earth is not completely round? The blick is a gap of 41 km between its geostationary curves and polar diameters. The earth is slightly flattened by the poles while it is slightly outward from the landline.

16. Do you know that there are many more planets and satellites, including the moon, on which water is present. But Earth is the only body where water is found in all the three periods. That means solid, liquid and gas in all three.

17. After 25 crore years from today, the earth will start slowing down on its axis (axle) from now onwards, as a result of which the day is about 24 hours at the present time, it will be 25.5 hours after 25 crore years.

18. Earth is rotating on its axle at a speed of 1600 km per hour while it is revolving around the sun with a speed of 29 km per second.

19. Gravity is not the same in every place of the entire earth, but it is different in every place of the earth. This is because the distance of the earth from the center of all places is different. For this reason, your weight on the geo-midline will be slightly higher than the fluids.

20. Every year, about 1000 tons of space dust particles enter the earth every year.

21. It behaves like a magnet only because the earth rotates relative to its axis. The North Pole of the Earth is the southern dice of its magnetic field while the South Pole is the North Dice of its magnetic field.

22. According to a research, the top part of the Antarctic Ocean at the southern end of the Earth is the cleanest air place on Earth. This is because the region is devoid of pollutants generated due to human activities.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Earth

Question – Do we live inside the earth or outside?
We live outside the earth. Inside the Earth is its core, above it is the outer core layer, followed by the mantle part, followed by the upper mantle and finally above it is the crust of the Earth, where we live. Therefore we can say that we live in the outer part of the earth.

Question – If the Earth is round, why don’t we fall?
The earth is round, but at the same time it also has gravity power which pulls things towards itself. This gravity also pulls us towards itself, due to which, despite the Earth being round, we do not fall from it.

Question – When did Magellan revolve around the Earth?
Ferdinand Magellan was a sailor from Portugal whose crew succeeded in circling the Earth through the sea from 1519 to 1522. Magellan himself could not complete this journey because he dies during the journey itself.

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