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Social Learning Theory Of Personality In Organisational Behaviour

Social Learning Theory Of Personality

This theory is the outcome of the research work conducted by Albert Bandura. He has given more importance to the social factors than the physical factors in the formation of personality. He supported the social learning theory on the basis of various experiments. In one of his experiments, Bandura showed a film to some children. In this film the behaviour of an adult was shown.

The film had been divided into three parts. Every child was shown only one part of the film. In the first part of the film the hero displayed an aggressive behaviour and he is punished for it. In the second part of the film again the hero behaves aggressively for which he was rewarded.

In the final part of the film, the hero again displayed an aggressive behaviour and at this stage he was neither punished, nor rewarded. After showing the film every child was placed in similar conditions about which they were shown the film. Then their behaviour was studied.

It was found that children ignored that behaviour of the hero where he was punished for his aggressive behaviour. It makes it clear that a person learns from social factors and the same learning becomes helpful in the formation of his personality.

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