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Neo Freudian Theory Of Personality In Organisational Behaviour

Neo Freudian Theory – Hello friends, you are again welcomed in PdfFiles. Today we are going to share Neo-Freudian Theory. This is the second theory of personality. Four developers named Sigmund Freud, Sullivan, Erikson and Horney give their views on this theory.

Neo-Freudian Theory

Sigmund Freud developed psycho-analytical theory of personality. Some of his contemporary theorists, too, helped in advancing the thoughts of Freud. The prominent scholars included the names like Sullivan, Erikson and Horney. The ideas advanced by all these three thinkers regarding personality came to be called Neo-Freudian concept.

Sullivan laid a specific stress on the social and cultural aspects. He believed that an individual remains in perpetual contact with the social and cultural factors right since his childhood. These factors produce some kind of action and reaction. This ultimately leads to the formation of personality of an individual. It goes a long way in determining individual behaviour. It can, therefore, be said that personality is finally shaped and moulded by interpersonal behaviour.

Erikson feels that an ideal personality can be developed by making adjustment with the changing social background.

Horney feels that concern for future happens to be a decidedly important factor in the formation of personality.

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