19 Interesting Facts Related to Cuba country

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Cuba is a country located in the Caribbean Sea. The country is made up of the islands of Cuba and some of its surrounding islands. Christopher Columbus arrived on the island on 28 October 1492.

This country was a slave of Spain in the 16th and 17th centuries, due to which the deep influence of the culture and language of Spain can be seen here. In 1949 there was a revolution in this country under the leadership of Fidel Castro and the foundation of democracy was laid by ending the dictatorial government.

Interesting Facts Related to Cuba Country

1. Cuba has been opposing the capitalist system of America from the beginning, due to which since 1962, America has banned its citizens from going to Cuba. The distance between the two countries is just 145 kilometers.

2. Children in the age group of 6 to 15 years are required to be admitted to school in Cuba. Schools have different colors of uniform for every class.

3. Cuban has the largest population among Caribbean countries – 15 million.

4. 75.5% of the country’s population is urban. The average age of people is 41.5 years.

5. Cuba has an area of ​​1,06,440 sq km i.e. slightly smaller than Telangana (112,077) and slightly larger than Bihar (94,163).

6. India’s 12 states are larger than Cuba in terms of area.

7. Cuba has a literacy rate of 99.8% which shows the literacy of almost all the people of this country.

8. Cuba mainly exports fish, medical products, coffee and citrus fruits to other countries while the main items imported are – oil, food, chemicals and machinery.

9. The world’s smallest bird, the Bee Hummingbird, is found only in Cuba, which can only grow up to 2 inches in length.

10. Chrismys did not have a holiday in Cuba until 1997, being a supporter of leftist ideology, but when Pope John Paul Others visited Cuba in 1998, Chrysmis was declared a national holiday in his honor since 1998. Has been done.

Facts about Cuba Country

11. At present, only 20 newspapers are printed in this country, whereas in 1950, 58 newspapers were printed.

12. Importing cars from other countries was banned in this country since 1959 but it was lifted in 2011.

13. Cuba has more doctors than patients counted. Every year, several thousand doctors are sent to countries where there is a shortage of doctors.

14. In Cuba you cannot take pictures of any military officer, police officer or airport staff, it is illegal there.

15. Until 2008, keeping mobile phones and buying your computer in Cuba was banned. (Being a communist / leftist country)

16. Cuba does not even have complete freedom of the Internet. Very few people have internet access here.

17. Cuba is the first communist country in the Western Hemisphere.

18. Here, both men and women of 17 to 28 years are required to work in the Cuban army for two years.

19. In Cuba, every citizen must vote at the time of election.

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