Interesting Information Related to Drug Trafficking King Brazil

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Official LanguagePortuguese
Area8515767 km²
Population20 Crore
Population Density24/km²
Phone Code+55

23 Amazing Facts About Brazil

1. Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, it occupies 47.3 percent area of ​​South America. All countries of the continent, except Chilli and Ecuador, share the border with Brazil.

2. Rio de Janeiro has long been the capital of Brazil, but it was changed in 1960 and Brasilia was made the capital. The reason for this was that ‘Rio de Janeiro’ is a city located on the seashore, which is not right for safety. Brasilia is a city inhabited by the center of the country.

3. Brazil was once a slave country of Portugal, gained independence on 7 September 1822 and in 1825 made its first constitution.

4. ‘Rio de Janeiro’ was once the capital of the European country Portugal, it is the only capital of a European country which was outside Europe.

5. Brazil is the first country in South America to host the Olympic Games.

6. Brazil holds the record for the most football World Cup wins, having won this title five times.

7. Brazil was the only US state in the Second World War to send its soldiers to fight in the war.

8. Eika Batista (Eka Batista), who was once the seventh richest person in the world, is a citizen of Brazil. At one time they used to have $ 31 billion in property, but unfortunately in the year 2013, they lost a property of $ 30 billion and left only $ 1 billion.

9. Brazil has remained the world’s largest producer of coffee for the last 150 years.

10. Brazil is second only to America in terms of number of airports.

Top 5 Countries With Most Airports

CountryNo. of Airports

11. In Brazil, the children who are unable to get breast milk are provided with milk from the breasts of women, which they drink from the nipple bonny.

12. Rio de Janeiro, the old capital of Brazil, has 20 percent GAY.

13. Voting is compulsory in Brazil. A citizen’s passport can be canceled if they do not vote.

14. Brazil is ahead of many countries in terms of crime.

15. Brazil is the world’s top country in terms of drug smuggling, where drug prices are 30 times less than the rest of the countries.

16. Inmates in Brazilian jails can reduce their sentence by reading books. For this, they have to read a book every 4 days and prepare a report on it.

17. An island comes under the jurisdiction of Brazil named Ilha da Queimada Grande (Ilha da Queimada Grande). It is called Snake Island because every single square meter of this island has at least 5 snakes which are very poisonous. There are more than 20 lakh snakes on this island with an area of ​​4 lakh 30 thousand square kilometers. The government has banned common people from visiting this island, only scientists and explorers can visit this island.

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18. The name of a city in Brazil is’ Nao – Me – Toque ‘, which means – focused Touch Me’.

19. The blood group of all the people of the Bororo species of Brazil is ‘O’.

20. Apple Company mobile sold in Brazil is double the price of America.

21. According to a research, 35 percent of men living in rural areas of Brazil have sex with animals at some time.

22. Outside Japan, if Japanese is in any other country, then it is Brazil.

23. Since 2008, the sex change surgery in Brazil is free, it is borne by the government.

Friends, after knowing these things about Brazil, we feel that Brazil is a developed country from India but due to drug trafficking, crime rate and unnatural sex addiction in this country, it does not have a good image in the world. I think that, if you want to give any thought on this country, then you can give it through comments. Thank you.

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