22 Facts Related to Kiwis Country New Zealand

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CountryNew Zealand
Official LanguageEnglish and Maori
Area2`68`021 km²
Population47 Lakh
Population Density17/km²
Phone Code+64
CurrencyNew Zealand Dollar(NZD)

Facts about New Zealand

1. New Zealand is the first country to give women the right to vote. In New Zealand in the year 1893, women got the right to vote.

2. New Zealand is number one in terms of starting a business at the fastest speed, it takes just one day to start any business here.

3. In almost every country, pharmaceutical companies are prohibited from advertising medicines for major physical problems, but this is not the case in New Zealand and America.

4. New Zealand is a country made up of two large and many small islands. Even though the North Island is smaller than the two largest islands, 75 percent of the country’s population lives on the North Island. The area of ​​the country is about 2,68,000 sq km, which is slightly less than our state of Andhra Pradesh.

5. In 1999, the eunuch (Georgina Beyer), a eunuch who had previously been in prostitution, became the first eunuch in the world to become a member of a country’s parliament.

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6. New Zealand is also called the country of Kiwis, Kiwi is a bird that cannot fly. It is also the national bird of New Zealand. Let us also tell you that there is also a fruit named Kiwi.

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7. Snakes are not found in New Zealand at all, even if a person sees a snake, it is necessary to write a report to the police.

8. New Zealand is one of the 5 least corrupt countries in the world. The remaining four countries are Denmark, Sweden, Philland and Norway.

9. There is a sea beach in New Zealand – Ninety Mile Bech, ie 90 miles beach, but its length is only 55 miles. 55 miles are equal to 90 kilometers and 90 miles are 145 kilometers.

10. In 2006, an Australian man made a bid to sell New Zealand on the Ebay website. The bid started at $ 0.01 and went up to $ 3000. When Ebay officials came to know about this, they immediately banned the ebay account of the person.

11. New Zealand has banned TV advertisements showing festivals like Christmas, Good Friday and Easter.

12. The lowest difference in salary (salaries) of men and women in the world is found in New Zealand. In this country the difference is only up to 5 percent.

13. New Zealand had an army of 1 lakh soldiers in the First World War, which at that time was about 10 percent of its total population.

14. The largest species of penguin is found in New Zealand. The oldest skeleton of penguins is also found from the same, which is 6 million and 2 million years old.

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15. The US and New Zealand conducted a secret test of 3700 tsunami bombs in the Second World War. These tsunami bombs can be blown into high seas by blasting the seas, so that cities on the seashore can be easily destroyed.

16. Blue Lake Lake of New Zealand is the cleanest water lake in the world, which can be seen with eyes up to a depth of 85 meters.

17. During the Second World War, American soldiers in New Zealand revolted to the point that their drinking was not arranged separately and they were not allowed to drink alcohol with black people.

Facts about New Zealand

18. The people of the original tribe of New Zealand are called Maori (Māori). This is just 15 percent of the current New Zealand population, but their number in jails is more than 50 percent.

19. Until today 800 years ago, no one was aware of New Zealand except its Māori people.

20. No place in New Zealand is more than 128 kilometers away from the sea. (More –

21. If the capitals of all countries are taken as a point on the Globe, New Zealand’s capital, Wallington, will be located to the south. In this way it is the southernmost capital of the world.

22. There are 9 sheep per 1 person in this country, this ratio is the highest in the world. Here the sheep are reared for their milk and milk.

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