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Zebras – History, Habitat and Facts

Zebras are a type of horse. But we rarely see these animals. When we see them, we all think what a beautiful animal they are. Some information and interesting facts about these beautiful animals have been told in this article.

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Facts about Zebras

  1. Zebras are about 2.6 meters long.
  2. They weigh about 350 kg.
  3. The zebra was developed 4 million years ago.
  4. Zebras are black with white stripes.
  5. If a zebra is attacked, his family immediately arrives to save him.
  6. Ostrich and zebra often coexist and protect each other.
  7. People spend millions of rupees to hunt zebras.
  8. Some zebras attack humans.
  9. Different zebra stripes are of different types.
  10. When someone else attacks the zebra, it runs in a zig-zag manner.
  11. There are a lot of cultural and religious stories from zebra.
  12. A zebra keeps its child away from the rest of the zebra for 2-3 days so that its child can recognize it well.
  13. To avoid animals such as lions, zebras often live in herds.
  14. The zebras are just 3.5–5 feet long.
  15. They run very fast, but horses run faster than them.

Facts about Zebra

  1. Zebras fall asleep while standing. They do not have the habit of lying down.
  2. These animals can turn their ears in every direction.
  3. The zebra has only one finger on its foot.
  4. They do not see orange color.
  5. The largest zebra in the world is around 350-450 kg.
  6. Zebras are mostly found in Africa.
  7. In addition to making sounds, zebras also talk to each other in gestures.
  8. They are hunted by animals like lions and tigers.
  9. Zebras mostly eat grass.
  10. There are three types of zebra.
  11. This animal is in danger of extinction.
  12. Their skin prevents them from 70% heat.
  13. Zebra has very good ears and eyes.
  14. Their tail is only about half a meter.
  15. The offspring of a donkey and a zebra are called zonkeys.

Facts about Zebras

  1. The zebra crossing is named because of the black and white stripes of the zebra.
  2. In many cities, zebra is reared at home.
  3. The life span of a zebra is about 20–40 years.
  4. There have been many stories where a zebra kills a lion.
  5. When these animals are in search of food with their herd, the largest zebra takes care that the rest of the zebra does not stay away from the water.
  6. Zebra babies can move after 20 minutes of birth.
  7. Zebras are ready anytime to drink water and eat grass.
  8. They fight their enemies with great bravery, under any circumstances.
  9. Zebras often travel from one place to another.
  10. Seeing the ears of a zebra, we can understand its state of mind.
  11. There are approximately 7,50,000 zebras worldwide.
  12. Man hunts zebra for his skin.
  13. A zebra does not always have black and white stripes.
  14. It is not easy to express love between two zebras.
  15. It is said that humans should never take their ride.
  16. Zebras also bark like dogs.
  17. Donkeys and zebras are very common from each other. But like donkeys, we cannot teach zebras to do anything.
  18. Zebras do not survive without water. They have to drink water at least once a day.
  19. When the weather becomes dry and dry, zebras travel from one place to another – in search of water and food.
  20. The pattern of their strips is a way to identify them.
  21. Searching for water and food is not as easy for a zebra.

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