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Bee – History, Habitat and Facts

Bees are famous among us because they give us a very nutritious food which we call honey. After milk, honey is the only substance in which all the elements of the diet are found in good quantity. There are some interesting facts available related to bee and its honey.

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Interesting Facts about Bees

1. Bees keep a hive. Their hive is made of wax which comes out from their stomach glands.

2. Every bee hive consists of a queen bee, a few hundred male and 99 percent female flies that make honey.

3. The number of male flies in every hive is very less, their job is to conceive only by having sex with queen bee. Many males attempt to conceive in which only one succeeds.

4. Bees use only two million flowers to make half a kilogram of honey and travel more than 1 lakh kilometers. Such a journey is equivalent to two and a half rounds of the earth.

5. The bee hive is a six-corner shape, which makes the bees light but strong using minimal wax, and collects a lot of honey.

6. Today, it has also been proved scientifically that a triangle with six corners is better than any other shape of a triangle, in which the maximum space can be covered at the cost of the lowest equal.

7. You will be surprised to know that a bee lives an average of 45 days and in this case, she can make honey only one-twelfth part of spoon.

8. There are 30 to 60 thousand flies in a hive of bees which produce 30 to 50 kg of honey in a year.

9. A bee can flap its wings 183 times in a saccade.

10. Honey is the only substance made by insects that is eaten by humans.

11. Bees also have the potential to increase farming output several times. Indian Agricultural Research, New Delhi allowed bees to be pollinated on some crops and found that it increased the production of fennel 15 times and the production of mustard by about 7 times. Similar increase was observed in the production of crops.

12. Honey is the only food that does not spoil for thousands of years. When scientists tasted the honey found in the tomb of the pharaoh king in the pyramids of Egypt, it tasted just as fresh as the honey, it just needed to be slightly warmed.

13. Poison from bee stings is very beneficial for arthritis. A research has shown that taking a chemical substance mixed with bee sting poison can cure arthritis.

Is a bee bite auspicious or inauspicious?

From the point of view of health, bee biting a person is not auspicious. It also depends on the number of bees that bite and the age of the person, and also their immunity.

According to experts, the blood of the bee is poisonous to the human body, which starts spreading in the victim’s body as soon as they sting. It affects the body parts of the victim. But it can also be cured with the right treatment.

Children and people with weak bodies cannot tolerate bee stings, so they need immediate treatment. There are many cases where victims have died due to lack of treatment.

Note: If you have been bitten by a bee, and your condition is not stable, please contact a doctor immediately.

How to Escape Bee

The honeycomb can be removed with the help of smoke, as the honey bees become cool when there is smoke.

But we advise you to do this work only under the supervision of a knowledgeable person or get it done by someone who is in this business, because even a little mistake can bite you bees and it is not right for your health.

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