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Kiwi Bird – History, Habitat and Facts

Kiwi is a small bird found in New Zealand. Its biggest feature is that it is the smallest bird among the non-flying birds. Non-flying birds include ostrich and about 60 species of birds except kiwi. In this post, we are going to tell you 20 fun things about Kiwi bird.

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Facts about Kiwi Bird

1. Kiwi is found only in New Zealand and is declared a national bird here. Residents of the entire country are called Kiwis in other parts of the world.

2. Even though kiwis cannot fly, they definitely have wings. But they are so small that they hide the body.

3. Because of their long beak, they make it easy to catch their prey. They often feed insects and fruits.

4. The mating season of Kiwis starts in June and ends in March as they have a good amount of food available during this time.

5. Male kiwis are able to have sex at the age of one and a half and female kiwis at the age of 3.

6. The baby develops as an egg inside the female kiwi. Due to the large egg, the stomach of the female is so spread that it starts touching the ground. It takes two and a half months to lay eggs.

7. A female kiwi can lay only one egg at a time and it can lay two to three eggs a year.

8. An ordinary kiwi weighs between 1.5 to 3.5 kilos.

9. Unlike other birds, the average body temperature of a kiwi is 38 degrees Celsius, which is 2 degrees less than the rest of the animals and 2 degrees higher than humans.

10. It is an angry animal and makes every effort to save its habitat.

Facts about Kiwi Bird

11. This bird is called kiwi because at night it keeps making sounds of kiwi-kiwi. Due to this voice, people started calling it Kiwi in the beginning and then it came to be known by this name.

12. Kiwis can live till the age of 40 years, while in captivity they can live only for 30 years.

13. Kiwi is not just a bird but also a fruit name.

14. This bird is not found in any zoo in the world because the climate of any place other than New Zealand is not suitable for living its life.

15. Kiwis always live in hollow stems of trees or on the ground.

16. Despite their very fast hearing and smelling power, their eyesight is slightly weak. During the day, they can be seen only for a distance of 2 feet and at night up to a distance of 6 feet.

17. A total of 5 species of Kiwi birds are found, out of which two are classified as vulnerable and can be killed at any time.

18. The biggest threat to the Kiwi bird is due to the continuous harvesting of forests and the use of deadly pesticides. The remaining losses have also been caused by birds of prey.

19. Earlier it was believed that Kiwi settled in New Zealand from Australia. But new discoveries have shown that they belong to Africa and are relatives of African parties.

20. Till now scientists have believed that non-flying birds like Kiwi developed 13 million years ago. But the latest discovery suggests that this happened 60 million years ago.

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