Talk about a game show or quiz programme on Television

Talk about a game show or quiz programme on Television

• I like watching TV in my free time and there are many shows that I like to watch.

• Today, I would like to talk about a game show which I like to watch.
• The name of the show is ‘Khelo or jetto’.
• To be honest, I do not know who is the sponsor of this show.
• In this game show, few families are invited to play. It is a family programme.

• There is a awesome competition between the invited families and after the end of every games massive gifts are distributed, which are more than expectations such as Car, IPHONE and so on.
• I find this show very interesting because it really assist me to let my hair down.
• It is also very exciting and watch by every age group of people from all parts of India compete.
• It is very motivating and encouraging for everyone.
• Last month one of my collage friend went there with his family and got myriad of gifts.
• Now I am also planning to join the competition with my family.
• Firstly, I will consult with my family and after that I will fill up joining form in the mean time I have to do hard practice. Therefore, I can get value of my struggle in the competition.
• So, this is the game show, which I love to watch with my Kith and Kins.

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