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Nature Of Consumer Behaviour

Nature Of Consumer Behaviour – Consumer behaviour is defined as a behaviour of people for acquiring and using goods and services. In other words, the overall behaviour of a person while making purchases of goods and services is called consumer behaviour. Consumer behaviour includes all the psycho- logical, social and physical behaviour of potential customers which helps to evaluate, purchase and tell others about the products or services.

The different marketing scholars have considered consumer behaviour as a process which tells the purchase decisions and selection of a product and brand or when, what, where, how, which consumer purchases the good and services for satisfying his needs and such purchase is a result of behaviour which is called ‘Consumer Behaviour’ or ‘Buyer Behaviour”.

Nature Of Consumer Behaviour

(1) Disclosure through Activities – The consumer behaviour is disclosed by such activities of a consumer that he performs at the time of purchase. Moreover, the activities performed by a consumer before and after the purchase also disclose the consumer behaviour.

(2) Affected by Various Elements – The consumer behaviour is influenced by a number of social, personal and cultural factors at a single time.

(3) Wide Scope – Consumer behaviour is a subject of wide scope. Not only the domestic or individual consumers but the institutional consumer behaviour is also included under it.

(4) Complexity – Consumer behaviour is very complex because continuous changes take place in the desires and interest of a consumer. Moreover, the consumer behaviour is influenced by a number of factors. Al these factors make the consumer behaviour very complex.

(5) Wide Study – The various facts or problems regarding consumers are studied under the consumer behaviour such as what, why, how, when and from where a consumer wants questions can be obtained only through a study of consumer behaviour. Thus consumer behaviour is solution to the various problems of consumers to make a purchase. The answers to these consumer behaviour is such a complex as Thus, it can be said that well as wide subject depicting the activities of consumers that gets affected by a number of factors.

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