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Difference Between Marketing And Selling

Difference Between Marketing And Selling – Many people often use the words ‘marketing’ and ‘selling’ as synonyms. In fact, these two terms have different meanings in marketing management. It is difficult to differentiate between selling and marketing because selling is included in marketing due to its limited scope.

According to various scholars, there is no difference between selling and marketing rather they are used as synonym words. Despite these arguments, there are various differences in selling and marketing which are explained below:

Difference Between Marketing And Selling

Sr. No.BasisMarketingSelling
1OrientationIt is consumer-oriented.It is product-oriented
2ScopeScope of marketing is wider because all the activities before the production of goods and after the sale of products are included under it.Scope of sales is limited because selling function starts after the production of goods and ends with the sales of goods.
3ObjectiveMain objective of marketing is to earn maximum profits in long-run by satisfying the consumers.Main objective of selling is to earn maximum profits by making more and more sales.
4PricingIn marketing, satisfaction achieved by the consumer determines the price of product. In it, cost of product determines the price of product.
5PlanningIn marketing, long-run planning is done i.e. in it) planning is done to sell the new products in prospective markets.In selling, short-run planning is done i.e. in sales, planning is done to sell the products present in the market.
6TransformationIn marketing, needs and desires of consumers are tried to be transformed into goods and services.In selling, available products are transformed into cash amount.
7CoordinationIn marketing function, co- ordination of marketing depart- ment with other departments is very necessary.In selling function, no attention is paid on the coordinations of sales department with other departments.
8Solution Of ProblemsProblems related to marketing are solved by the marketing manager.Problems related to selling are solved by the sales manager.
9RelationMarketing is related to the con- sumer satisfaction.Selling is related to the physical transfer of goods.
10ImportanceIn marketing, consumers requi- rements are considered impor- tant.In sales, product is considered important.

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