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Direct Marketing – Meaning, Types, Features And Advantages

Direct marketing refers to that marketing in which producer directly sells his products and services to the consumers without the help of middlemen. It is also known as direct-order marketing. Direct-mail, catalogues, websites, etc. are some parts of direct marketing.


(1) Channels: Under direct marketing, various channels are included such as direct mail, catalogues, telemarketing, mobile device, etc. All these channels are important of direct marketing.

(2) Continuous Process: Direct marketing is a continuous process. The marketer has to keep in regular contact with customers. Moreover, he also makes available the information about new goods and services to the consumers.  Thus, it is called as continuous process.

(3) Less Expensive: Direct marketing is less expensive as compared to other types of marketing. The cost of marketing a product and other costs are reduced due to absence of middlemen. Consequently, the price of product is also reduced.

(4) Long Term Process : Direct marketing is a long-term process. This system does not market the products and services for a short period. However, it is helpful in providing the long-term benefits to the organisation.

(5) Time-Saving Process: Direct marketing is a time-saving process. With the help of this process, information can be transferred in less time from marketer to consumer which consequently  saves the time and money both. Click here for Nature And Scope Of Marketing.


(1) Economical : Direct marketing is economical. In it, a marketer directly markets his products and services to the consumer without any middlemen and the costs related to freight, retail sale, etc. are not included. Thus, direct marketing is more economical.

(2) Saving of Time : Under direct marketing, consumer receives the required product at home. Under it, consumers may do various marketing activities through E-mail at any time of the day. In other words, it provides 24 hours marketing services to the consumers. Consequently, the time and money is saved.

(3) Benefit to Business Consumers : Business consumers avail all information regarding products and services through direct marketing without making more efforts. Consequently, consumers get motivated.

(4) Development of Good Relations: With the help of direct marketing, good relations are maintained between marketers and consumers because under it, information is communicated to the consumers directly and there is less  possibility of partiality in it.

(5) Simple Process : Direct marketing is a simple process. In it, the products and services are easily marketed through network, E-mail, mobile phone, fax, etc.These mediums make direct marketing simple.

(6) Benefits to Consumers : Direct marketing is also beneficial to the consumers as it provides various alternatives to the consumers. They can attain maximum satisfaction by selecting the best alternative according to their requirements or desires.


(1) Tele-marketing: Under tele-marketing, the marketer tries to the know the sales objective and views of other related persons by contacting them through phone. Besides it, they are motivated to purchase by introducing them with the product.

(2) E-mail Direct Marketing: For E-mail direct marketing, a person should have e-mail account. Under it, the marketer motivates the consumers to purchase by introducing them with the products through websites and he also provides them the other market related information.

(3) Direct Mail Marketing: Under it, the marketer sends the advertising material directly to the house and workplace of the consumer. Door to door sales, television marketing, coupon, voice mail marketing, etc. are its various parts.

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