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Monkey – Life History, Habitat and Fact

Monkeys are very intelligent and mischievous animals. These animals are the closest relatives of humans. Humans too have evolved from monkeys over time, and so even today 98% of our DNA matches these animals.

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Facts about Monkey

1. Monkeys are divided into two classes – first the monkeys of the ancient world which are found in Asia and Africa, and the second new world monkeys which are found in South America.

2. The monkeys of the new world have 36 teeth, while the monkeys of the ancient world have 32.

3. Monkeys generally live in trees, grasslands, mountains and forests.

4. Except humans, only monkeys are the only such creatures who eat bananas by peeling them. You might not know that they peel bananas upside down.

5. Monkeys are very expert in the art of copying, so they can be trained very easily.

6. In addition to fruits, flowers and leaves, insects and creeping creatures are also eaten by monkeys.

7. There is a restaurant in Japan where monkeys are kept as waiters.

8. Never try to touch the monkeys, because they do not like it, and they can attack you.

9. At present, 264 species of monkeys have been discovered.

10. You won’t be sure but monkeys can also be taught to count.

11. The group of monkeys is called ‘troop’ in English.

12. In 2011, Pakistan arrested a monkey just because it was crossing the border towards India.

13. Chimpanzees are a variety of monkeys, if they do not get the results of their proper work, then they get irritated like us. This is to say that of a university in the US, which designed a game in which decisions were to be made and food items were won on winning. In this, the losing monkeys in the game were given a mild cucumber instead of tasty bananas, so they reacted to what can be termed as monkeys’ pout.

14. Since 2000, “World Monkey Day” is celebrated on December 14.

15. All monkeys have their own fingerprints.

16. In the year 1949, a monkey was flown at an altitude of 133 km. He was named Albert II.

17. To entice a female partner to sex, the monkey urinates first on his hands and then rubs it all over his body.

18. Dead monkey brains are eaten with great fervor in China and Malaysia.

19. The howler’s monkey scream can be heard from 5 km away.

20. When the monkeys are given a glass, they first inspect their genitals.

21. Monkeys give birth after placing the baby in their abdomen for 134 to 237 days.

22. A normal monkey has a lifespan of about 15 to 35 years.

23. TB disease is common among monkeys.

24. In Malaysia and Thailand, monkeys are trained to pluck coconuts from coconut trees.

25. Monkeys like humans can also have weak eyesight.

26. Monkeys use gestures to talk to each other.

27. Monkeys do not like to go in the water but they are very good swimmers.

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