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Bats – History, Habitat and Facts

Bat is a Mammal creature flying in the sky. Its species is more than 1,100 in the whole world and it hangs upside down on trees or in dark caves. Bat is a strange and interesting creature, so today I am going to tell you 32 interesting facts about bats, so let’s read.

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Facts about Bat

1. The bats always turn left-handed while leaving the cave.

2. A small colony of bats can eat 1000 kg of worms and eat 6 crore bed bugs in a year.

3. A bat can eat up to 600 bedbugs in an hour which is equivalent to a man eating 18 pizzas a night.

4. According to a survey, about 140 big brown bats can eat a lot of insects in a summer season which damages the cucumbers and saves farmers 51 crores.

5. The longest bat in the world has a wingspan of 5 to 6 feet.

6. Around 1100 species of bats are found in the world.

7. The seeds of some plants do not germinate if they do not pass through the digestive system of bats, in addition to which the bats which eat ripe fruit also spread the seeds. About 95% of the tropical rain forests have been afforested by seeds spread by bats.

8. Texax is the biggest moth of bats and it has around 2 crore bats. It consumes 2 lakh kg of bedbug every day.

9. Some white-winged bats come near the chickens and lie down and pretend to be chicks. When he comes under the chicken, his blood starts to suck.

10. It is often rare that a bat bites a person – but if it bites – it will bite the same person again at the same time (morning, evening, night) if it passes through the same place. The day before was cut. This has happened to me. I go for a walk every morning at 5 o’clock and one day I went by some other way. And on the very first day, I was beheaded by bats. When I went on the second day, I was still bitten and the same happened on the third day. After that I stopped going that way. This happens because a person breathes in different ways. This is how bats identify a person.

Facts about Bat

11. Chamgadad is the only mammalian creature that can fly.

12. A brown bat lives for about 40 years, which is much more than mammals of the same size. Rat and Chakundar live less than two years.

13. Of all the mammal species on earth (including humans), 20% of the population is of bats.

14. Some small bats, when sleeping, have a heart rate of only 18 times per minute. But when he wakes up, the speed reaches 880.

15. Scientists believe that bats originated around six and a half million years ago during the time of dinosaurs. The bats we now know are about thirty and a half million years ago. Some scientists believe that it also belongs to the best class of milk-giving animals (monkeys, humans).

16. Bat is a symbol of happiness in China and Japan. ‘Chamgadar’ and ‘good fortune’ are used in Chinese language as ‘fu’.

17. In North America and Europe bats were associated with witchcraft for a long time. Not only this, they were used to make medicines and medicines.

18. The oldest bat fossil ever found in Yoloston, Wyoming (USA) is about 50 million years old. It was named ‘Icaronyctrers’.

19. ‘Bumblebee’ is a variety of bats and it is the smallest bats found in the world. It is found in Thailand. It weighs only 2.5 grams.

20. Most bats are brown or black, but many have a colorful accompaniment or yellow color.

Facts about Bat

21. Bat has very high ability to listen and can also hear the movement of a hair.

22. Bats can hear sound waves ranging from 20Hz to 1,20,000 Hz while humans can only hear from 20 Hz to 20,000Hz.

23. In the caves of most bats, all female bats give birth to children at the same time.

24. About 100 bats consume 25 cow’s blood in a year of the mill.

25. Vampire bats are the only mammals that drink only blood.

26. During the American Planetary War bats feces were used to make gunpowder.

27. Every year millions of bats are killed in America due to watermills. But the surprising thing is that he does not die due to the biting of the wings, but due to the low pressure of air near the wings, the soft blood vessels of his lungs explode.

28. In 600 BC (B. C), a Greek text tells the story that once a bats borrowed money from a person to start a business and could not get the money due to failure of business. It is further mentioned that bats go out at night only because people do not ask for money back from them during the day.

29. A vampire bat drinks as much blood as its weight in a day.

30. Bats always sleep by hanging upside down so that they can fly when needed.

31. If the size of the body is taken into account, the brain size of bats is larger than that of birds.

32. Only 5% of the US has such caves that are adapted to bats, yet most bats live in America.

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