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Dinosaur – Life History and Facts about Dinosaur

On hearing this word dinosaur, our mind starts to see pictures of many big animals which we saw in films like ‘Jurassic Park’. You will be surprised to know that millions of years ago, these big animals were the rule of the whole earth. He was the owner of the whole earth at that time.

Today we will tell you many interesting and informative facts about these big animals, which are called dinosaurs. If you like these things, then you will definitely share this article with your friends.

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1. Scientists believe that dinosaurs ruled the Earth for about 150 million years. This is just 0.1% of the total time of human history.

2. The word ‘Dinosour’ comes from the ancient Greek meaning – Terrible Lizard. The term for dinosaurs began to be used by British paleontologist Richard Owen from 1842.

3. Dinosaurs in Hindi are called Bhimsrat which means terrible lizard in Sanskrit.

4. Scientists believe that the reason for the end of the dinosaurs was a meteor with a radius of 10 kilometers, which hit the Paninsula of Mexico 65 million years ago and caused terrible destruction on Earth. The entire sky was covered with ashes for many years, due to which all the large size animals of the earth were destroyed. The species who lives in the water survived in that catastrophe, such as sharks, jellyfish, fish, scorpions, birds, insects, snakes, turtles, lizards, and crocodiles.

5. 2468 species of dinosaurs have been known from fossils found so far. Scientists believe that there would have been thousands of species of dinosaurs before 65 million years ago.

6. The largest fossil of dinosaurs ever discovered is 27 meters long which was found from Wyoming (US) state.

7. If Earth’s history is divided into 24 hours, life began on the earth at four o’clock (4AM), trees began to grow on the ground at 10:24 PM, dinosaurs’ life began at 11:41 PM And human history began at 11:58:43 PM.

8. The skeletons of dinosaurs have been found on every continent in the world, but it is worth noting that at that time all the continents of Earth were less distant from each other than today.

9. In the film ‘Jurassic Park’, the shouting of dinosaurs was made with the Recordings of Turtle Sex.

10. It is not that only large dinosaurs died in the catastrophe. The remains of dinosaurs as much as the size of small chicken were also found which used to eat insects.

11. Dinosaurs ate stone pieces several times. These pieces stayed in their stomachs and helped in grinding the food.

12. Some farmers in central China used medicine from the bones of dinosaurs because they believed it to be the bones of dragons.

13. The period in which dinosaurs lived on Earth is called Mesozoic Era. Mesozoic Era has three main parts – Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous.

14. Scientists do not yet agree on the idea of ​​how long dinosaurs lived. Some scientists believe that their lifespan depends on their species, some larger species lived up to 200 years.

15. Bolivia is a limestone rock in the country of South America on which there are more than 5000 footprints of dinosaurs. It is said to be about 67 million years old.

16. Almost all dinosaurs lay eggs. The 40 types of eggs have been discovered so far that belong to dinosaurs. The eggs of dinosaurs ranged from a cricket ball to a basketball ball.

17. The smallest dinosaur egg found so far is 3 cm in length and weighs 75 grams. The largest dinosaur egg is found to have a length of 19 inches.

18. Dinosaurs were both non-vegetarian and vegetarian, most of the dinosaurs were vegetarian. Vegetarian dinosaurs were cold-blooded beings while non-vegetarians were warm-blooded.

19. Large-sized vegetarian dinosaurs could eat up to 1 thousand kilograms of food every day, while non-vegetarians with its size could eat up to 10,000 kilos per day.

20. The bones of most non-vegetarian dinosaurs were hollow. This kept their weight light and they could run fast and hunt themselves.

21. Vegetarian dinosaurs were of heavy weight, walking on their four legs. They could only balance on their two legs for a short time.

22. Dinosaurs who lived near water. The skeletons of those dinosaurs have been found in large quantities.

23. A remnant of dinosaurs has also been found in the Narmada River area of ​​Gujarat, which is 70 million years old.

24. Many species of dinosaurs were able to fly, dinosaurs learned to fly about 150 million years ago.

25. A scientist who studies dinosaurs is called a Paleontologist.

26. Research so far has shown that dinosaurs could not roar, they could only grunt and close their mouths.

27. We cannot test DNA of the dinosaurs whose remains we have found, because DNA can only live for 2 million years.

28. Some dinosaurs had tails up to 45 meters long. This long tail helped to create balance while running.

29. It must have happened to you that sometimes you open your Google Chrome Browser and you see a dinosaur in it. This happens when you are not connected to the Internet. This means that “without the internet, you are now living in the dinosaur era”.

30. Dinosaur fossils discovered in the last 57 years by Indian fossil scientists confirm that about 20 million dinosaurs were found in India about 19 million years ago. They were located from the western part of the country to the southern part.

31. In Central India, the remains of more than 1000 different types of eggs of dinosaurs have been found. This may be higher than eggs found at any one place worldwide.

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