Describe a water sport that you would like to try in the future

A water sport that you would like to try in the future

• What is it
• Where you will do it
• Whether it is easy or difficult
• Why would you like to try it

  • Well, there are quite a few activities which I’d like to do in my next holiday plan.
  • If I have a chance to choose only one of them to explain about, I’d select a snorkelling.
  • This requires safety equipment, snorkelling kit which contains a mask and a pipe to release the breath out of the water and of course, you must put on life jacket unless you know swimming.
  • Generally, this sport can be done underwater especially in the sea where you can easily see coral reefs and colourful fish.
  • It would give you immense pleasure if you carry out this around clear water.
  • As I’m going on holiday to Phi-phi Island, Thailand in the coming month, probably I’d try it out there.
  • I heard that it has very clear water.
  • Concerning about its level of difficulty, it is one of the adventurous water sport as it requires guts to jump into the ocean.
  • However, many people having water phobia carried out this activity under supervision.
  • I guess I’ve the courage to do this activity as I love doing water sports.
  • What I’d like to try this, you know, adventurous games could boost your confidence as it shows you can do anything no matter how difficult it is. This is one reason.
  • Another explanation for trying this out is I’ve never done snorkelling before so I think I must do it once in a life. Overall, probably I’d have been done this sport by next month end.

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