Describe a time when you heard a stranger talking over the phone

when you heard a stranger talking over the phone

What were you doing at that time

  1. It is not considered as ettiquette if we listen to other personal conversation.
  2. However, If the person is talking on the phone while setting besides us, it become impossible to not overhear the conversation.
  3. For the same reason, I also heared a stranger talking over the phone.
  4. It was the time when I was travelling by bus
  5. An old person, who would seen 70 springs of his life was setting besides me.
  6. He had a beautiful bucket in his hand and seemed very happy while talking on the phone.
  7. His enthusiasm attracted my attention.
  8. It seemed like that he was having a conversation with one of his children related to a suspense birthday party for his wife.
  9. He was saying that he finally got favourite flower of his wife.
  10. I was amazed in the age of 70, he was willing to put so much efforts to find favourite things of his wife.
  11. This thing made me curious so I kept hearing the conversation.
  12. Apart from giving flowers, he had also a scrumptions cake for his wife.
  13. The another thing that astonished me while hearing the conversation was he was planning to cook some of the favourite cusines of his wife by himself. That was very unusual thing. Nowadays, mostly couple eat out to spend their special day.
  14. After finishing the conversation he was realised that I was hearing him talking over the phone.
  15. He looked at me with a smiling face.
  16. He was not able to hide his happiness.
  17. Overall, This was the awesome conversation which was heared by me.
  18. Thankyou

Describe a time when you heard a stranger talking over the phone

1. Some people like talking on phones in public transport, what do you think about this situation?
Personally, I don’t mind people talking over phones in public transport. As long as their volume isn’t too high and disturbs the co-passengers, I don’t have issues with them. However, some people are too loud and become a nuisance for others. That is something I dislike a lot.

2. What are the bad effects of talking over a phone in public?
It may inconvenience people around the place when someone is talking over phone in a public place. Places like museums, libraries and places of worship require peace and when someone talks over phone at such places, it is a nuisance.

3. Why do people always break the rules?
Some people are careless by nature. Some break rules in situation of an emergency. However, some do it as a adventure and for recreation. Irrespective of the reason, rules are meant to be abided to and offenders should be penalised.

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