Describe a person you have seen (met) who is beautiful or handsome

Describe a person you have seen (met) who is beautiful or handsome

○ When and where you saw or met this person
○ Talk about the personality
○ Why do you think this person is handsome or beautiful

1. I would like to start by saying that there are so many people I know who have got a charismatic personality.

2. But here I would like to talk about a person whom I met a couple of months ago who left indelible imprints on my mind with both outer and inner beauty.

3. He is my friend’s uncle who is an army officer.

4. He is in his 40s and he has been serving the country for the last 20 years. He looks 10 years younger than his age.

5. If I talk about his personality, he can be spotted even in a crowded place as he is tall and his height is above 6 feet.

6. Apart from that, he has blue eyes which is very rare among Indian people.

7. Moreover, he has short, brown and straight hair which gives him a very sophisticated look.

8. Furthermore, he is very health conscious person and he has a well built physique and he is very muscular and lean which gives him a model like look.

9. I mean I am so much influenced by his personality that I have made him one of my role models.

10. If I talk about his nature, he is very down to earth and soft spoken person.

11. He does a lot of charity and he is an epitome of the saying that “handsome is handsome does”.

12. To cut the long story short, I can say that he is the most handsome person I have ever met so far and he definitely has left everlasting impressions on me.

Part 3 Follow Up – Describe a person you have seen (met) who is beautiful or handsome

Question – 1 Is it to easy become beautiful?

I really believe that beauty is more about a person’s actions than his looks. So in this respect, it is about doing good deeds and helping others. This sounds easy but it is really difficult. If we talk about physical beauty even that is difficult. A person not only needs to be regular with physical exercise but also manage his or her diet.

Question – 2  The disadvantages of being beautiful?

The biggest disadvantage of being beautiful is the unwanted attention a person receives. Sometimes, it is too much and a person might not be able to handle it. Also, there is common misconception that beautiful people are not intelligent. I think pretty people have to work extra hard to show their other talents.

Question – 3 Does someone face lot of pressure if they are beautiful?

I think it depends on the person. Some people are beautiful, but don’t bother much about the attention they get because of their beauty and behave normally. Some beautiful people may not be able to handle the attention they get and may feel stressed. I also think that beautiful people have the stress to maintain their beauty.

Question – 4 Is looking beautiful a good thing or a bad thing?

Well, it is good to be beautiful, but I also feel that it is the inner beauty that ultimately matters. So having a beautiful heart is better than having beautiful looks. Outward beauty remains of no value if the person is impolite and has no empathy for others. A not so beautiful person, who always has a warm and welcoming smile may look more beautiful than a very beautiful person with a snobbish nature.

Question – 5 Should clothes selling companies hire beautiful models? Why

Well, companies have to sell their products and beautiful models can make their clothes look very good. Their sales can skyrocket because of these models. So, they should hire such models.

Question – 6 Do you think when companies or business shops hire beautiful models to stimulate or increase their sales is a good thing?

Yes, it is good for the companies, because in this way they can increase their sales considerably. But, people should always try those clothes before buying. They have to realise that the those beautiful models have maintained beautiful bodies, and any clothing which looks good on those models may look very unbecoming on them.

Question – 7 Do you think beautiful appearance is important?

Yes, beautiful appearance is very important nowadays, because many jobs require a presentable appearance. But i feel that a very good appearance can be maintained by dressing nicely and carrying yourself well. Very beautiful features are not necessarily needed for beautiful looks.

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