Describe a person who helps to protect the environment

Describe a person who helps to protect the environment

  • Who this person is
  • How this person protects the environment
  • What difficulty this person has faced
  • How you feel about this person?

  • Today more and more people are aware about the need to protect the environment.
  • Still very few people take steps to save the environment.
  • However, there is one such person whose contribution to the environment is really commendable.
  • His name is Jadav molai
  • He is known as the forest man of India.
  • His story is very inspring.
  • He was hired as a labourer in Assam as a part of afforestation programme
  • However even after the completion of the project he stayed behind.
  • He not only maintained the plants but also grew many more plants.
  • What is remarkable is that he has been doing this for the past 40 years.
  • Today , due to his efforts that whole area has become a healthy forest
  • The forest was rightly named Molai forest after him.
  • The forest supports rhinos, monkey, elephants, deer and has many varieties of trees.
  • His personal life is also simple.
  • He lives alone with his wife and two children in a small hut in the middle of the forest.
  • What I learnt from him is that even without money a person can contribute a lot to the environment.
  • Even if we don’t have the money or time, we can take small steps like saving water, growing trees and so on.

Describe a person who helps to protect the environment


  1. What is the importance of environment education?

Environment education is of paramount importance these days. The rate at which environment is being degraded is so fast that if we don’t take steps today, there  will be nothing left for our children and grandchildren.

  1. How to protect the environment?

We can take simple steps to protect the environment at our individual level. We have to follow some do’s and dont’s. Do plant trees; do recycle things; do accept recycled material; do switch off unwanted lights and fans; do use public transport; do car­pooling. Don’t use plastics; don’t use cars for short distances; don’t throw things and buy new ones without need and so on.

  1. Do you think it is necessary to make environment protection as a subject in school?

Yes, definitely. Environmental science should be a compulsory subject in schools.

  1. Is it important to protect the environment?

Yes , I believe that it is our moral responsibility to protect the environment as we are the ones responsible for its deterioration. Secondly, I think our survival depends upon the environment so we really don’t have a choice in this matter.

  1. Should schools teach students to protect the environment?

Yes, today the I believe  the importance of  schools in teaching morals and values is paramount. We live in a nuclear society where in most cases both parents are busy working. School is the only place left where students can learn about the environment and its protection.

  1. Do schools in your country teach students to protect the environment?

Yes, today environment and its protection is separate subject in school. Both the necessity and the ways to protect and save the environment are covered in schools. Besides this , there are also environment fairs organised by schools    from time to time.

  1. Do companies in your country protect the environment and do they have responsibilities to protect the environment?

Unfortunately, most of the companies in India aren’t doing much about the environment. However, recently the governments have started incentivising companies to protect the environment in form of tax waivers and subsidies. This might change the trend. Coming to second question, yes they definitely have the responsibility to protect the environment since they are a part of the society as well.

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