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CV Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of CV

CV stands for Curriculum Vitae. In CV, we write about our life but not everything like bio-data, in CV we write important things related to jobs and ourselves. In this we write in detail about your education, award, college name, results and whatever you have made achievements in your life. Hence CV can also be 3-4 pages long, whereas Resume means summary and the resume is absolutely unique. In this, the summary is written very short, only those things which are related to the job, so the resume is only of 1 page, maximum 2 pages but not above it.

Abbreviation For CV

1. Cardiovascular.
2. Cell volume.
3. Central vein.
4. Closing volume.
5. Condensing vacuole.
6. Coefficient of variation, see there.
7. Conjugata vera.
8. Coronavirus.
9. Corpuscular volume.
10. Curriculum vitae.

Difference Between CV And Resume

CriteriaCurriculum VitaeResume
LayoutIt contains your educational and academic information as well as teaching and research experiences, awards, honors etc. 
The cv is static and doesn’t change for different positions.
It is a concise synopsis of most relevant professional experiences about the particular job for which you are applying. 
The resume can be changed according to the job situation.
LengthLong (no limit for pages)
it covers your entire career including educational and academic background.
Short (only 1 or 2 pages)
no particular format rule, its information only snuffles around best suit of applicant.
PurposeIt is generally used for academic positions like faculty opening, internship, fellowship etc.It is generally used for business industry, governmental and non-profit jobs.

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