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NIIT Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of NIIT

NIIT Full Form is National Institute of Information Technology. NIIT Limited is an Indian multinational company providing learning management and training delivery solutions to corporations, institutions and individuals. Friends, the National Institute for Information Technology was established in 1981. The founders of NIIT were Rajendra Pawar and Vijay Thadani.

The headquarters of NIIT is in Gurgaon. It is mainly famous for IT training. NIIT also provides IT solutions for enterprises. NIIT is considered one of the Top Computer Education Providers in India. NIIT also provides an IT Certification Courses like Java Certification, CCNA Certification, .NET Certification, etc.

NIIT Training Centers

NIIT Telangana
NIIT Andhra Pradesh
NIIT Bihar
NIIT Chandigarh
NIIT Delhi
NIIT Gujarat
NIIT Assam
NIIT Himachal Pradesh
NIIT Chhattisgarh
NIIT Haryana
NIIT Jammu and Kashmir
NIIT Jharkhand
NIIT Maharashtra
NIIT Karnataka
NIIT Odisha
NIIT West Bengal

NIIT History

In 2004, this company was restructured into two groups:

  • NIIT Limited: It focuses on training and education. It provides corporate training, vocational training and service sector and educational training in schools. It owns 23.98% of NIIT technologies.
  • NIIT Technologies: Its main focus is on providing IT solution to the enterprises.

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